Introduce a Girl to Engineering: Pam Ziesler

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“Don’t let the intimidation of math and science hold you back… If solving technical problems interests you, go for it! Give it a try.” 

Meet Pam

Pam has an impressive background. A Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering, a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering where she focused on structure and wildland fire, and a PhD in Forest Science. She now works as the Program Coordinator for Visitor's Use Statistics for the National Park Service. However, everything she does has one thing in common- problem solving-which Pam says is what Engineering is all about.

"Engineering is a lot more than just building things. That's what most people think of, you build bridges, you build cars, you build airplanes. It's combining science, and math, and technology to solve technical problems that humanity faces."

If you enjoy figuring out how processes work and solving problems, consider a career in Engineering. The National Park Service may not be the first organization you think of when looking for Engineering jobs, but take a look at our career page and see all the opportunities.

Video By: Mackenzie Reed

Last updated: April 19, 2018