Hopewell County: Appomattox Manor

Appomattox Manor and the old kitchen (on the right)
Appomattox Manor and the old kitchen (on the right)

Courtesy of Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Appomattox Manor sits on lands that were first patented to Francis Eppes in 1635. The area around the plantation was first settled in 1613 and was first known as Bermuda City--it was later renamed City Point. The house was first built in 1763 with substantial additions over time. The surrounding outbuildings were constructed in the 1800s. The property remained in the Eppes family until 1979. Other members of the Eppes family constructed plantation homes along the Appomattox River including Weston Manor.

During the Revolutionary War, British troops under General Benedict Arnold marched through the plantation. In the Civil War, General Ulyssess S. Grant used Appomattox as his headquarters from June 1864 until April 1865. General Grant occupied a tent and later a cabin on the property, while he commanded his army in the final months of the Civil War. In the last months of the war, President Abraham Lincoln visited General Grant in the drawing room of the house.

Appomattox Manor is now used as an historic house museum by the City Point Unit of the Petersburg National Battlefield. It was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on November 5, 1968 and the National Register of Historic Places on October 1, 1969. For more information please contact: Petersburg National Battlefield or call (804) 732-3531.

Last updated: September 14, 2016