Hopewell County: Weston Manor

Weston Manor

Courtesy of AJ Belongia

Weston Manor is one of a few remaining plantation homes left on the lower Appomattox River. It was built on lands that were originally patented to John Baker in 1637. The land remained in the Baker family until 1668. In 1723, Weston was owned by John Hooley. By the 1780s, William Gilliam and his wife, Christine Eppes Gilliam, purchased Weston and built the existing house.  The house is notable for containing nearly all of its original architectural fabric, including the original beaded weatherboards, window sash, and interior woodwork.

During the Civil War, Weston was shelled by a Northern gunboat. It was later used as the headquarters of Union General Philip Sheridan. In 1869, Weston was purchased by Phillip Dolin of Ireland and New York City. The property remained in the Dolin family through the rest of the century. After the development of the DuPont of nearby Hopewell, Weston's lands were gradually sold off. The house is now surrounded by housing developments.

Weston Manor was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on November 16, 1971 and the National Register of Historic Places on April 13, 1972. It is maintained by the Historic Hopewell Foundation. Weston Manor is located at 400 Weston Lane, Hopewell, VA 23860. For more information on tours please visit: Weston-Plantation or call (804) 458-4682.

Last updated: September 14, 2016