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In 2018 for the 102nd anniversary of the National Park Service we decided to celebrate the best unit in the system: Martin Van Buren National Historic Site. Directed by Dan Gelles

Our Top Ten Planning Tips!

You can always find our most recent updates on our hours and seasons page!
Make sure to check the weather before your visit to the site. It may change what you plan to wear or do during your visit. Rain before your visit can leave trails muddy, but a sunny day might mean you want to bring a picnic!
There are a number of trails near the site of varying lengths, but all of them are a great way to strech your legs and enjoy the nature surrounding the park. The Dutch Farming Heritage Trail, as well as other outdoor options are great choices on a day with good weather!
Dogs are allowed anywhere on the park grounds, and we specially recommend the Wayside Loop Trail as a way for them to get to experience the whole park! Please remember that dogs must remain on a leash at all times.
Columbia County is often a tick hotspot so it is good to know tick safety ground rules.
Our most up-to-date schedule of daily programs can always be found on the park's website.
This summer each of our rangers has developed a talk around a topic of their choice! See which one interests you!
Martin Van Buren National Historic Site has a number of programs for children of any age. Our Junior Ranger program can be completed in the park or at home, and for younger children the park also has our Lindenwald Littles program.
The park has made art supplies available for those who want to spend time in the park in solace. As a space for healing and mental health there is no place like nature!
The Hudson Valley has enormous amount to see and do. Whether you want to experience the area's natural beauty or abundant history The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area has you covered!

Martin Van Buren National Historic Site

Last updated: January 3, 2022