Santa Fe Trail 200th Anniversary Virtual Art Contest Exhibition

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During the 200th Anniversary of the Santa Fe Trail, we invited artists to bring the trail to life through art. This video showcases winners in the Adult Artist and Professional Artist categories. Ranging from oil paintings to digital coloration, the featured art is a beautiful collection of works inspired by the Santa Fe Trail.

Virtual Exhibition

December 3, 2021 - April 29, 2022

Artist’s drawings and poetic writings about the Santa Fe Trail captured the imaginations of many, prompting some to seek out opportunities to travel the trail. Artists continue to bring the trail to life by vividly depicting scenes, stories, landscapes, and life on the trail that otherwise, we could only imagine.

In 2021, artists continued this long tradition by participating in the Santa Fe Trail 200th Anniversary Virtual Art Contest. This virtual exhibition features the award-winning works of art. Thank to all the artists who participated!

Advanced Artist Category

1st Place: Kim Mackey, "Santa Fe Traders at Bent's"
2nd Place: Timothy K. Lewis, "Fort Union Ruins on the Santa Fe Trail"
3rd Place: Glorious Glorieta, "Ryan Schlee
Honorable Mention: Brittany Darpino, "Francisca Lopez, the Santa Fe Trail Traveler"

Several people doing work near an oxen-pulled wagon with a tent shelter in the background

Kim Mackey

Kim Mackey
"Santa Fe Traders at Bent's"
Oil on Canvas
16 X 20

Bent's Fort, located along the Santa Fe Trail in southeastern Colorado was an important trading post for Santa Fe, New Mexico traders. My painting depicts Santa Fe traders at Bent's Fort in the 1840's.
Adobe ruins stand in a grassy field accented by wagons

Timothy K. Lewis

Timothy K. Lewis
"Fort Union Ruins on the Santa Fe Trail"
Oil On Canvas
12" x 24"

This painting depicts the once bustling grounds of the Fort Union Corral Post, in the Territory of New Mexico, now a quiet and peaceful place of rest along the Santa Fe trail, located to the left of the ruins structure. The seven birds flying, from east to west, above the fort represent perfection and completion of a duty of those who were assigned to this fort to protect life and property of the travelers from the east to the west. - The New Frontier.
A pastel prairie dotted with bushes leads to a rising mountain range

Ryan Schlee

Ryan Schlee

"Glorious Glorieta"


10" X 14"

Glorious Glorieta you’re a surly desert landscape

Tan and pink transmissions from past trail missions

Thick shady verde of Sangre de Cristo Peaks Drape

Azure New Mexico skies that hold ancient bone clouds' transitions

Bronceado rocky mesas hold only mention of past prairie schooners races

History is the arid huesos found scattered in zia’s suitors faces

A young girl with dark, wavy hair looks into the camera and vibrant flowers accent her portrait

Brittany Darpino

Brittany Darpino
Francisca Lopez, the Santa Fe Trail Traveler
Mixed Media, Digital Colorization & Restoration

For better educational opportunities, Francisca Lopez and her three brothers traveled with their father, Damaso Lopez, a Spanish trader, across the Santa Fe Trail after the unfortunate death of their mother, Maria del Carmen Severina Ruiz de Esparza.

Original photograph of Francisca Lopez Kimball provided by the descendent of Francisca, Mary Kimball Outten.

Adult Artist Category

1st Place: Dennis Maloney, "Vibrant Morning"
2nd Place: Mary Lynne Pruett, "Parley at Bent's Fort"
3rd Place: Craig Voorhees, "Prairie and Sky"
A road crosses a field of golden grass punctuated by trees, rocks, and a fence

Dennis Maloney

Dennis Maloney
"Vibrant Morning"
Acrylic on canvas

A mountain man talks with a Santa Fe Trial trader in a grassy field

Mary Lynne Pruett

Mary Lynne Pruett
"Parley at Bent's Fort"
16 x 20"

Travelers on the Santa Fe Trail came from all walks of life. They includedmountain men, entrepreneurs seeking to make a fortune and those lookingfor a better way of life.

An abstracted view of a wagon crossing a green prairie

Craig Voorhees

Craig Voorhees
"Prairie and Sky"
Acrylic on Canvas
16 x 20"

Santa Fe National Historic Trail

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