Puma Profiles: P-49

Kittens among grass and brush.

Initial capture date: June 2016

P-49 was born May 2016 in the Santa Susana Mountains to P-35, who gave birth to another kitten, P-44. It is suspected that P-44 did not survive.

P-49's father is thought to be P-38, based on GPS locations of him traveling and spending multiple days with P-35 months before P-48, and sibling P-49, were born. A similarly timed scenario played out with the litter of P-50, P-51, P-52.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife collected the remains of P-49 in Fillmore in February 2018. They subsequently performed a necropsy, but the cause of death remains unknown. They are still waiting for results of the toxicology report, however.

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Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Last updated: January 20, 2023