Oregon and California National Historic Trails Summer 2023 Newsletter

Read the latest project updates and completions from the National Trails Office of the National Park Service (NPS).

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Portrait of a man with dark brown hair, a beard and mustache.
Meet Nick Myers, NTIR Historian.


National Trails Welcomes New Staff

Nicholas Myers is the newest member of the history team at the National Trails Office (NTIR). He earned a PhD from Cornell University, where he studied the history of Latin America and the U.S. West, and has held research positions at Harvard University and Southern Methodist University. Nick will work closely with partner organizations and the teams at NTIR to collect, interpret, and refine data on the history of our national trails. Currently living in Santa Fe with his family, he is an avid skier and climber. His two dogs are named Hank and Louise.

External Projects


NTIR is continuing to consult with the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) on proposed alternatives analysis in the supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the R-Project. NTIR staff Jill Jensen, Brian Deaton, and Jordan Jarrett met with FWS staff along the California and Oregon NHTs in May to visit segments of the trail that may be impacted by the permitted transmission line. NTIR is also expecting the visual analysis of the proposed action alternatives in the near future.

Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line Project

The contracted firm AECOM at the behest of BLM Baker Field Office has recently reached out to NTIR to consult on and develop a mitigation plan ahead of construction and implementation of the project. The cultural resources group continues to collaborate and consult with the BLM on this effort.

Visitor Use Experience Web Mapping Applications

Brian Deaton and the University of Utah DIGIT Lab presented to the National Trail System GIS Network on May 15 regarding the development of the California National Historic Trail (NHT) and Oregon NHT Visitor Use Experience Web mapping applications. These applications are a complement to the NPS App to share with the public a fuller expanse of recreational opportunities along the NHTs. See the apps here:

OREG Visitor Use Experience Web Application (

CALI Visitor Use Experience Web Application (

Links from the NPS websites will be added in the near future. These web mapping applications can also be embedded within other websites.

Brown sign with white letters, "California Trail Historic Route," with yellow triangle logo.

NPS Image

Signing Updates

The Nevada state-wide Department of Transportation (DOT) sign plan has been completed and all the signs have been ordered! When installed, signs will mark the historic route of the California, Old Spanish, and Pony Express NHTs across the state along DOT managed right-of-ways.

Siskiyou and Sierra Counties in California have both received their California NHT historic route signs. Both counties plan to install the signs soon.

Cover of a booklet with "National Historic Trails, Auto Tour Route Interpretive Guide, across Oregon. With a watercolor painting of a covered wagon train in a large open area."
"From the Blue Mountains," by William Henry Jackson.

NPS Image

Oregon Auto Tour Route Guide Going to Press

NTIR has submitted an order to the Government Printing Office for publication of the latest auto tour route guide, which will lead visitors along the Oregon and California (Applegate/Southern Route) National Historic Trails through Oregon. Members of the Oregon and California Trails Association (OCTA) Northwest Chapter assisted with and reviewed the guide during its development, and five American Indian tribes coordinated with the trails office to add their valuable perspectives to the historical narrative and suggest additional tour stops along the routes.

Virtual Trail Stories & Experiences

Have you been following the trails on social media? You may have noticed an increase in articles, virtual visits, and virtual kids' activities. People can't travel to experience the trails in person, so NTIR has been working to bring the trails to your house. You can check out recent and past articles, become a junior ranger, take virtual visits to learn more about trail sites, and more - click the links below!


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