Camping Safety


Well water is available on some islands. Water from the lake should be boiled at least two minutes or filtered through an adequate filter (0.4 microns pore size) before use. This precaution eliminates many waterborne organisms including Giardia, a microbe which causes a severe intestinal disorder.

Bears and Other Wildlife

Black bears may be on several of the Apostle Islands, but are most common on Oak, Sand, and Stockton Islands. Seeing one is a treat, unless it is in your campsite. To avoid an unpleasant encounter, follow bear-country safety measures.

Insects and Ticks

Biting insects can be prevalent on the islands from June to September. Wearing long pants and long sleeved shirts will provide some protection from mosquitos, flies, and ticks. Insect repellents are helpful. The tick that transmits Lyme Disease is found in the park. If you notice a rash, flu-like symptoms, or pain in the joints following a tick bite, call your physician.


Hunting is allowed within the National Lakeshore. You may observe hunting activity September through December. Please consult any park ranger for information on hunting at the time of your visit.

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