VI Army Corps

VI Army Corps Badge was red for the 1st Division; white for the 2nd Division and blue for the 3rd Division
Major General Horatio G. Wright



21st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company E

1st Division: Major General Frank Wheaton

1st Brigade:Brigadier General William H. Penrose

1st and 4th New Jersey Infantry

(Consolidated Battalion)

2nd New Jersey Infantry (2 companies)

3rd New Jersey Infantry (1 company)

10th New Jersey Infantry

15th New Jersey Infantry

40th New Jersey Infantry

2nd Brigade:Brigadier General Joseph E. Hamblin

2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery

65th New York Infantry

121st New York Infantry

95th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade:Colonel Oliver Edwards

37th Massachusetts Infantry

49th Pennsylvania Infantry

82nd Pennsylvania Infantry

119th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Rhode Island Infantry

5th Wisconsin Infantry

2nd Division: Major General George Getty

1st Brigade:Colonel James M. Warner

62nd New York Infantry

93rd Pennsylvania Infantry

98th Pennsylvania Infantry

102nd Pennsylvania Infantry

139th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade:Major General Lewis A. Grant (wounded April 2), Colonel Charles Mundee,

Lieutenant Colonel Amasa S. Tracy, Major General Lewis A. Grant

2nd Vermont Infantry

3rd Vermont Infantry

4th Vermont Infantry

5th Vermont Infantry

6th Vermont Infantry

1st Vermont Heavy Artillery

3rd Brigade:Colonel Thomas W. Hyde

1st Maine Infantry (Veteran)

43rd New York Infantry (5 companies)

49th New York Infantry (5 companies)

77th New York Infantry (5 companies)

122nd New York Infantry

61st Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Division: Brigadier General Truman Seymour

1st Brigade:Colonel William S. Truex

14th New Jersey Infantry

106th New York Infantry

151st New York Infantry (5 companies)

87th Pennsylvania Infantry

10th Vermont Infantry

2nd Brigade:Brigadier General J. Warren Keifer

6th Maryland Infantry

9th New York Heavy Artillery

110th Ohio Infantry

122nd Ohio Infantry

126th Ohio Infantry

67th Pennsylvania Infantry

138th Pennsylvania Infantry

Artillery Brigade:Major Andrew Cowan

1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Company A

New York Light Artillery, 1st and 3rd Batteries

9th New York Heavy Artillery, Company L

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Companies G and H

5th United States Artillery, Company E

1st Vermont Heavy Artillery, Company D

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