V Army Corps

V Army Corps Badge was red for the 1st Division; white for the 2nd Division and blue for the 3rd Division

Major General Gouverneur K. Warren (relieved of

command April 1), Major General Charles Griffin



4th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company C

Provost Guard

104th New York Infantry

1st Division: Major General Charles Griffin, Major General Joseph J. Bartlett

1st Brigade:Brigadier General Joshua L. Chamberlain

185th New York Infantry

198th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade:Brigadier General Edgar M. Gregory

187th New York Infantry

188th New York Infantry

189th New York Infantry

3rd Brigade:Major General Joseph J. Bartlett, Brigadier General Alfred J. Pearson

1st Maine Sharpshooters

20th Maine Infantry

32nd Massachusetts Infantry

1st Michigan Infantry

16th Michigan Infantry (Brady's and Jardine's Companies of Sharpshooters attached)

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry

91st Pennsylvania Infantry

118th Pennsylvania Infantry

155th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Division: Major General Romeyn B. Ayres

1st Brigade:Brigadier General Frederick Winthrop (mortally wounded April 1), Colonel

James Grindlay, Brigadier General Joseph Hays (in command from April 3)

5th New York Infantry (Veteran)

15th New York Heavy Artillery

140th New York Infantry

146th New York Infantry

2nd Brigade:Brigadier General Andrew W. Denison (wounded Mach 31), Colonel Richard

N. Bowerman (wounded April 1), Colonel David L. Stanton

1st Maryland Infantry

4th Maryland Infantry

7th Maryland Infantry

8th Maryland Infantry

3rd Brigade:Brigadier General James Gwyn

3rd Delaware Infantry

4th Delaware Infantry

8th Delaware Infantry (3 companies)

157th Pennsylvania Infantry (4 companies)

190th Pennsylvania Infantry

191st Pennsylvania Infantry

210th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Division: Major General Samuel W. Crawford

1st Brigade:Colonel John A. Kellogg

91st New York Infantry

6th Wisconsin Infantry

7th Wisconsin Infantry

2nd Brigade:Brigadier General Henry Baxter

16th Maine Infantry

39th Massachusetts Infantry

97th New York Infantry

11th Pennsylvania Infantry

107th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade:Brigadier General Richard Coulter

94th New York Infantry

95th New York Infantry

147th New York Infantry

56th Pennsylvania Infantry

88th Pennsylvania Infantry

121st Pennsylvania Infantry

142nd Pennsylvania Infantry


1st Battalion New York Sharpshooters

Artillery Brigade:Brigadier General Charles S. Wainwright

1st New York Light Artillery, Companies B, D and H

15th New York Heavy Artillery, Company M

4th United States Artillery, Company B

5th United States Artillery, Companies D and G

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