Second Army Corps

Major General John B. Gordon

Major General John B. Gordon


Grimes' Division: Major General Bryan Grimes

Battle's Brigade: Colonel Edwin L. Hobson

3rd Alabama Infantry (105)

5th Alabama Infantry (62)

6th Alabama Infantry (87)

12th Alabama Infantry (69)

61st Alabama Infantry (50)

Grimes' Brigade: Colonel D. G. Cowand

32nd North Carolina Infantry (119)

43rd North Carolina Infantry (179)

45th North Carolina Infantry (97)

53rd North Carolina Infantry (96)

2nd Battalion North Carolina Infantry (52)

Cox's Brigade: Brigadier General William R. Cox

1st North Carolina Infantry (73)

2nd North Carolina Infantry (64)

3rd North Carolina Infantry (58)

4th North Carolina Infantry (117)

14th North Carolina Infantry (121)

30th North Carolina Infantry (162)

Cook's Brigade: Colonel Edwin A. Nash

4th Georgia Infantry (148)

12th Georgia Infantry (70)

21st Georgia Infantry (65)

44th Georgia Infantry (83)

Archer's Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher H. Archer

3rd Battalion Virginia Reserves (18)

44th Battalion Virginia Infantry (61)

Early's Division: Brigadier General James A. Walker

Johnston's Brigade: Colonel John W. Lea

5th North Carolina Infantry (93)

12th North Carolina Infantry (152)

20th North Carolina Infantry (83)

23rd North Carolina Infantry (91)

1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters (69)

Lewis' Brigade: Captain John Beard

6th North Carolina Infantry (188)

21st North Carolina Infantry (111)

54th North Carolina Infantry (61)

57th North Carolina Infantry (82)

Walker's Brigade: Major Henry Kyd Douglas

13th Virginia Infantry (63)

31st Virginia Infantry (57)

49th Virginia Infantry (62)

52nd Virginia Infantry (60)

58th Virginia Infantry (67)

Gordon's Division: Brigadier General Clement A. Evans

Evans' Brigade: Colonel John H. Lowe

13th Georgia Infantry (174)

26th Georgia Infantry (220)

31st Georgia Infantry (123)

38th Georgia Infantry (112)

60th Georgia Infantry (91)

61st Georgia Infantry (82)

9th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery (21)

12th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery (131)

18th Battalion Georgia Infantry (16)

Terry's Brigade: Colonel Titus V. Williams

2nd Virginia Infantry (74)

4th Virginia Infantry (47)

5th Virginia Infantry (56)

10th Virginia Infantry (50)

21st Virginia Infantry (57)

23rd Virginia Infantry (59)

25th Virginia Infantry (19)

27th Virginia Infantry (22)

33rd Virginia Infantry (19)

37th Virginia Infantry (42)

42nd Virginia Infantry (53)

44th Virginia Infantry (16)

48th Virginia Infantry (41)

York's Brigade: Colonel Eugene Waggaman

1st Louisiana Infantry (19)

2nd Louisiana Infantry (44)

5th Louisiana Infantry (19)

6th Louisiana Infantry (56)

7th Louisiana Infantry (43)

8th Louisiana Infantry (58)

9th Louisiana Infantry (68)

10th Louisiana Infantry (17)

14th Louisiana Infantry (32)

15th Louisiana Infantry (19)

Johnson's Division: Major General Bushrod R. Johnson (relieved

of command April 8), Brigadier General William H. Wallace

Wallace's Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Wallace

17th South Carolina Infantry (121)

18th South Carolina Infantry (160)

22nd South Carolina Infantry (89)

23rd South Carolina Infantry (106)

26th South Carolina Infantry (124)

Holcombe Legion (South Carolina) (34)

Moody's Brigade: Brigadier General Young M. Moody (captured

April 8), Colonel Martin L. Stansel

41st Alabama Infantry (99)

43rd Alabama Infantry (128)

59th Alabama Infantry (110)

60th Alabama Infantry (184)

23rd Battalion Alabama Infantry (47)

Wise's Brigade: Brigadier General Henry A. Wise

26th Virginia Infantry (96)

34th Virginia Infantry (245)

46th Virginia Infantry (139)

59th Virginia Infantry (149)

Ransom's Brigade: Brigadier General Matthew W. Ransom

24th North Carolina Infantry (55)

25th North Carolina Infantry (78)

35th North Carolina Infantry (117)

49th North Carolina Infantry (108)

56th North Carolina Infantry (72)

Second Corps Artillery: Brigadier General Armistead L. Long

Nelson's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel William Nelson

AmherstArtillery (Virginia)

Milledge's Artillery (Georgia)

Fluvanna Artillery (Virginia)

Braxton's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Carter M. Braxton

Alleghany Artillery (Virginia) (2)

Lee Artillery (Virginia) (16)

Stafford Artillery (Virginia) (5)

Cutshaw's Battalion: Major Wilfred E. Cutshaw (wounded

April 6), Captain C. W. Fry

Orange Artillery (Virginia) (20)

StauntonArtillery (Virginia) (54)

2nd Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (49)

King William Light Artillery (Virginia) (23)

Montgomery's/Louisa Battery (Virginia) (31)

Jeff Davis Artillery/Reese's Battery (Alabama) (27)

Anderson's Corps Artillery: Colonel Hillary P. Jones

Coit's Battalion: Major James C. Coit

Wright's Battery (Virginia)

Pegram's Battery (Virginia)

Bradford's Battery (Mississippi)

Kelly's Battery (South Carolina)

Blount's Battalion: Major Joseph G. Blount

Cumming's Battery (North C

Slaten's Battery (Georgia)

Stribling's Battalion: Major Robert M. Stribling

Marshall's Battery (Virginia)

Macon's Battery (Virginia)

Sullivan's Battery (Virginia)

Dickerson's Battery (Virginia)

Sturdivant's Battalion: Captain N. A. Sturdivant

Martin's Battery (Virginia)

Sturdivant's Battery (Virginia)

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