Order of Battle

Armies of the United States

Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant



5th United States Cavalry, Companies B, F and K

Headquarters Guard

4th United States Infantry

Army of the Potomac

Major General George G. Meade

Provost Guard: Brigadier General George N. Macy

1st Indiana Cavalry

1st Massachusetts Cavalry, Companies C and D

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry

11th United States Infantry, 1st Battalion

14th United States Infantry, 2nd Battalion

Headquarters Guard

3rd United States Infantry

Quartermaster's Guard

Independent Company, Oneida (New York) Cavalry

Engineer Brigade: Brigadier General Henry W. Benham

15th New York Engineers (9 companies)

50th New York Engineers

Independent Brigade: Brigadier General Charles H. T. Collis

1st Massachusetts Cavalry (8 companies)

61st Massachusetts Infantry

80th New York Infantry (20th Militia)

68th Pennsylvania Infantry

114th Pennsylvania Infantry

Battalion of United States Engineers: Major Franklin Harwood

Artillery:Brigadier General Henry J. Hunt

Siege Train: Brigadier General Henry W. Abbot

1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery

ConnecticutLight Artillery, 3rd Battery

Artillery Reserve: Brigadier General William Hays

(in command from April 6)

Maine Light Artillery, Companies B, C, D and F

New York Light Artillery, 12th Battery

1st Ohio Light Artillery, Company H

1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Company F

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Company E

Vermont Light Artillery, 3rd Battery

II Army Corps: Major General Andrew A. Humphreys


1st Division: Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles

1st Brigade: Colonel George W. Scott

26th Michigan Infantry

5th New Hampshire Infantry (Battalion)

2nd New York Heavy Artillery

61st New York Infantry

81st Pennsylvania Infantry

140th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade: Colonel Robert Nugent

28th Massachusetts Infantry (5 companies)

63rd New York Infantry (6 companies)

69th New York Infantry

88th New York Infantry (5 companies)

4th New York Heavy Artillery

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Henry J. Madill (wounded April 2),

Brigadier General Clinton D. MacDougall

7th New York Infantry

39th New York Infantry

52nd New York Infantry

111th New York Infantry

125th New York Infantry

126th New York Infantry

4th Brigade: Brigadier General John Ramsey

64th New York Infantry

66th New York Infantry

53rd Pennsylvania Infantry

116th Pennsylvania Infantry

145th Pennsylvania Infantry

148th Pennsylvania Infantry

183rd Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Division: Brigadier General William Hays (assigned to

Artillery Reserve April 6), Brigadier General Thomas Smyth

(temporary command), Brigadier General Francis C. Barlow

(assigned April 7)

1st Brigade: Colonel William A. Olmsted

19th Maine Infantry

19th Massachusetts Infantry

20th Massachusetts Infantry

7th Michigan Infantry

1st Minnesota Infantry (2 companies)

59th New York Infantry (Battalion)

82nd New York Infantry (Battalion, 4 companies of 2nd New York


152nd New York Infantry

184th Pennsylvania Infantry

36th Wisconsin Infantry

2nd Brigade: Colonel James P. McIvor

8th New York Heavy Artillery

155th New York Infantry

164th New York Infantry

170th New York Infantry

182nd New York Infantry (69th New York National Guard Artillery)

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Thomas A. Smyth (mortally wounded

April 7), Colonel Danielle Woodall

14th Connecticut Infantry

1st Delaware Infantry

12th New Jersey Infantry

10th New York Infantry (Battalion)

108th New York Infantry

4th Ohio Infantry (4 companies)

69th Pennsylvania Infantry

106th Pennsylvania Infantry (3 companies)

7th West Virginia Infantry (4 companies)


2nd Company, Minnesota Sharpshooters

3rd Division: Major General Gershom Mott (wounded April 6),

Brigadier General Regis de Trobriand

1st Brigade: Brigadier General Regis de Trobriand, Colonel Russell B.


20th Indiana Infantry

1st Maine Heavy Artillery

40th New York Infantry

73rd New York Infantry

86th New York Infantry

124th New York Infantry

99th Pennsylvania Infantry

110th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General Byron R. Pierce

17th Maine Infantry

1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

5th Michigan Infantry

93rd New York Infantry

57th Pennsylvania Infantry

105th Pennsylvania Infantry

141st Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Robert McAllister

11th Massachusetts Infantry

7th New Jersey Infantry

8th New Jersey Infantry

11th New Jersey Infantry

120th New York Infantry

Artillery Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel John G. Hazard

Massachusetts Light Artillery, 10th Battery

1st New Hampshire Light Artillery, Company M

1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Company B

New York Light Artillery, 11th Battery

4th New York Heavy Artillery, Companies C and L

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery B

4th United States Artillery, Company K

V Army Corps: Major General Gouverneur K. Warren (relieved of

command April 1), Major General Charles Griffin



4th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company C

Provost Guard

104th New York Infantry

1st Division: Major General Charles Griffin, Major General

Joseph J. Bartlett

1st Brigade: Brigadier General Joshua L. Chamberlain

185th New York Infantry

198th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General Edgar M. Gregory

187th New York Infantry

188th New York Infantry

189th New York Infantry

3rd Brigade: Major General Joseph J. Bartlett, Brigadier General

Alfred J. Pearson

1st Maine Sharpshooters

20th Maine Infantry

32nd Massachusetts Infantry

1st Michigan Infantry

16th Michigan Infantry (Brady's and Jardine's Companies of

Sharpshooters attached)

83rd Pennsylvania Infantry

91st Pennsylvania Infantry

118th Pennsylvania Infantry

155th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Division: Major General Romeyn B. Ayres

1st Brigade: Brigadier General Frederick Winthrop (mortally wounded

April 1), Colonel James Grindlay, Brigadier General Joseph Hays

(in command from April 3)

5th New York Infantry (Veteran)

15th New York Heavy Artillery

140th New York Infantry

146th New York Infantry

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General Andrew W. Denison (wounded Mach

31), Colonel Richard N. Bowerman (wounded April 1),

Colonel David L. Stanton

1st Maryland Infantry

4th Maryland Infantry

7th Maryland Infantry

8th Maryland Infantry

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General James Gwyn

3rd Delaware Infantry

4th Delaware Infantry

8th Delaware Infantry (3 companies)

157th Pennsylvania Infantry (4 companies)

190th Pennsylvania Infantry

191st Pennsylvania Infantry

210th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Division: Major General Samuel W. Crawford

1st Brigade: Colonel John A. Kellogg

91st New York Infantry

6th Wisconsin Infantry

7th Wisconsin Infantry

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General Henry Baxter

16th Maine Infantry

39th Massachusetts Infantry

97th New York Infantry

11th Pennsylvania Infantry

107th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Richard Coulter

94th New York Infantry

95th New York Infantry

147th New York Infantry

56th Pennsylvania Infantry

88th Pennsylvania Infantry

121st Pennsylvania Infantry

142nd Pennsylvania Infantry


1st Battalion New York Sharpshooters

Artillery Brigade: Brigadier General Charles S. Wainwright

1st New York Light Artillery, Companies B, D and H

15th New York Heavy Artillery, Company M

4th United States Artillery, Company B

5th United States Artillery, Companies D and G

VI Army Corps: Major General Horatio G. Wright



21st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company E

1st Division: Major General Frank Wheaton

1st Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Penrose

1st and 4th New Jersey Infantry (Consolidated Battalion)

2nd New Jersey Infantry (2 companies)

3rd New Jersey Infantry (1 company)

10th New Jersey Infantry

15th New Jersey Infantry

40th New Jersey Infantry

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General Joseph E. Hamblin

2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery

65th New York Infantry

121st New York Infantry

95th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade: Colonel Oliver Edwards

37th Massachusetts Infantry

49th Pennsylvania Infantry

82nd Pennsylvania Infantry

119th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Rhode Island Infantry

5th Wisconsin Infantry

2nd Division: Major General George Getty

1st Brigade: Colonel James M. Warner

62nd New York Infantry

93rd Pennsylvania Infantry

98th Pennsylvania Infantry

102nd Pennsylvania Infantry

139th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade: Major General Lewis A. Grant (wounded April 2),

Colonel Charles Mundee, Lieutenant Colonel Amasa S. Tracy,

Major General Lewis A. Grant

2nd Vermont Infantry

3rd Vermont Infantry

4th Vermont Infantry

5th Vermont Infantry

6th Vermont Infantry

1st Vermont Heavy Artillery

3rd Brigade: Colonel Thomas W. Hyde

1st Maine Infantry (Veteran)

43rd New York Infantry (5 companies)

49th New York Infantry (5 companies)

77th New York Infantry (5 companies)

122nd New York Infantry

61st Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Division: Brigadier General Truman Seymour

1st Brigade: Colonel William S. Truex

14th New Jersey Infantry

106th New York Infantry

151st New York Infantry (5 companies)

87th Pennsylvania Infantry

10th Vermont Infantry

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General J. Warren Keifer

6th Maryland Infantry

9th New York Heavy Artillery

110th Ohio Infantry

122nd Ohio Infantry

126th Ohio Infantry

67th Pennsylvania Infantry

138th Pennsylvania Infantry

Artillery Brigade: Major Andrew Cowan

1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Company A

New York Light Artillery, 1st and 3rd Batteries

9th New York Heavy Artillery, Company L

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Companies G and H

5th United States Artillery, Company E

1st Vermont Heavy Artillery, Company D

Army of the Shenandoah

Major General Phillip H. Sheridan

Cavalry Corps: Major General Wesley Merritt


1st Division: Brigadier General Thomas C. Devin

1st Brigade: Colonel Peter Stagg

1st Michigan Cavalry

5th Michigan Cavalry

6th Michigan Cavalry

7th Michigan Cavalry

2nd Brigade: Colonel Charles L. Fitzhugh

6th New York Cavalry

9th New York Cavalry

19th New York Cavalry

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry

20th Pennsylvania Cavalry

3rd (Reserve) Brigade: Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs

2nd Massachusetts Cavalry

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

1st United States Cavalry

5th United States Cavalry

6th United States Cavalry


4th United States Artillery, Companies C and E

2nd Division (Army of the Potomac):

Major General George Crook

1st Brigade: Brigadier General Henry E. Davies, Jr.

1st New Jersey Cavalry

10th New York Cavalry

24th New York Cavalry

1st Pennsylvania Cavalry (5 companies)

2nd United States Artillery, Company A

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General J. Irvin Gregg (captured April 7),

Colonel Samuel B. M. Young

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry

16th Pennsylvania Cavalry

21st Pennsylvania Cavalry

1st United States Artillery, Companies H and I

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Charles H. Smith

1st Maine Cavalry

2nd New York Mounted Rifles

6th Ohio Cavalry

13th Ohio Cavalry

3rd Division: Major General George A. Custer

1st Brigade: Colonel Alexander C. M. Pennington

1st Connecticut Cavalry

3rd New Jersey Cavalry

2nd New York Cavalry

2nd Ohio Cavalry

2nd Brigade: Colonel William Wells

8th New York Cavalry

15th New York Cavalry

1st Vermont Cavalry

3rd Indiana Cavalry, Companies A-F

3rd Brigade: Colonel Henry Capehart

1st New York Cavalry (Lincoln)

1st West Virginia Cavalry

2nd West Virginia Cavalry (7 companies)

3rd West Virginia Cavalry

Cavalry Division (Army of the James):

Brigadier General Ranald S. Mackenzie

1st Brigade: Colonel Robert M. West

20th New York Cavalry

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry

2nd Brigade: Colonel Samuel P. Spear

1st District of Columbia Cavalry (Battalion)

1st Maryland Cavalry

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry


Wisconsin Light Artillery, 4th Battery

Army of the James

Major General Edward O. C. Ord

Headquarters Guard

3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Companies D and I


1st New York Engineers


3rd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, Company I

Unattached Cavalry

4th Massachusetts, Companies I, L and M

5th Massachusetts Cavalry (Colored)

7th New York Cavalry (1st Mounted Rifles)

XXIV Army Corps: Major General John Gibbon


Headquarters Guard: Captain Charles E. Thomas

4th Massachusetts Cavalry, Companies F and K

1st Division: Brigadier General Robert S. Foster

1st Brigade: Colonel Thomas O. Osborne

39th Illinois Infantry

62nd Ohio Infantry

67th Ohio Infantry

85th Pennsylvania Infantry

199th Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade: Colonel George B. Dandy

10th Connecticut Infantry

11th Maine Infantry

24th Massachusetts Infantry

100th New York Infantry

206th Pennsylvania Infantry

4th Brigade: Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild

8th Maine Infantry

89th New York Infantry

148th New York Infantry

158th New York Infantry

Independent Division: Major General John W. Turner

1st Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Potter

34th Massachusetts Infantry

116th Ohio Infantry

123rd Ohio Infantry

2nd Brigade: Colonel William B. Curtis

23rd Illinois Infantry

54th Pennsylvania Infantry

12th West Virginia Infantry

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris

10th West Virginia Infantry

11th West Virginia Infantry

15th West Virginia Infantry

Artillery Brigade: Major Charles C. Abell

3rd New York Light Artillery, Companies B, H, K and M

New York Light Artillery, 17th Battery

1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Company A

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Company F

1st United States Artillery, Company B

4th United States Artillery, Company L

5th United States Artillery, Companies A and F

2nd Division (XXV Corps): Brigadier General William Birney

(ordered to return to Petersburg on April 7), these troops were

temporarily attached to the XXIV Corps


2nd Brigade: Colonel Ulysses Doubleday

8th United States Colored Troops

41st United States Colored Troops

45th United States Colored Troops

127th United States Colored Troops

3rd Brigade: Colonel William W. Woodward

29th United States Colored Troops

31st United States Colored Troops

116th United States Colored Troops

Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee


(Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of soldiers paroled at


Provost Guard: Major D. B. Bridgeford

1st Battalion Virginia Infantry (139)

44th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Company B


39th Battalion Virginia Cavalry (92)

Engineers: Colonel T. M. R. Talcott

1st Confederate Engineers (191)

2nd Confederate Engineers (94)

Artillery: Brigadier General William N. Pendleton (artillery is divided

up between the four infantry and one cavalry corps)

First and Third Army Corps (Combined)

Lieutenant General James Longstreet (Lieutenant General Ambrose

P. Hill was killed April 2, Third Corps was combined with the First)


Provost Guard

5th Battalion Alabama Infantry (128)

Pickett's Division: Major General George E. Pickett (relieved of

command April 8)

Steuart's Brigade: Brigadier General George H. Steuart

9th Virginia Infantry (40)

14th Virginia Infantry (58)

38th Virginia Infantry (95)

53rd Virginia Infantry (86)

57th Virginia Infantry (87)

Corse's Brigade: Brigadier General Montgomery D. Corse (captured

April 6), Colonel Arthur Herbert

15th Virginia Infantry (69)

17th Virginia Infantry (125)

29th Virginia Infantry (31)

30th Virginia Infantry (90)

32nd Virginia Infantry (48)

Hunton's Brigade: Brigadier General Eppa Hunton (captured April 6),

Major Michael P. Spessard

8th Virginia Infantry (12)

18th Virginia Infantry (70)

19th Virginia Infantry (30)

28th Virginia Infantry (56)

56th Virginia Infantry (33)

Terry's Brigade: Brigadier General William R. Terry (wounded March

31), Colonel Joseph Mayo (in command April 1),

Major William W. Bentley

1st Virginia Infantry (17)

3rd Virginia Infantry (70)

7th Virginia Infantry (20)

11th Virginia Infantry (31)

24th Virginia Infantry (24)

Field's Division: Major General Charles W. Field

Law's Brigade: Brigadier General William F. Perry

4th Alabama Infantry (224)

15th Alabama Infantry (220)

44th Alabama Infantry (209)

47th Alabama Infantry (207)

48th Alabama Infantry (136)

Anderson's Brigade: Brigadier General George T. Anderson

7th Georgia Infantry (188)

8th Georgia Infantry (153)

9th Georgia Infantry (189)

11th Georgia Infantry (190)

59th Georgia Infantry (267)

Benning's Brigade: Brigadier General Henry L. Benning

2nd Georgia Infantry (158)

15th Georgia Infantry (246)

17th Georgia Infantry (186)

20th Georgia Infantry (210)

Gregg's Brigade: Colonel R. M. Powell

3rd Arkansas Infantry (147)

1st Texas Infantry (149)

4th Texas Infantry (160)

5th Texas Infantry (162)

Bratton's Brigade: Brigadier General John Bratton

1st South Carolina Infantry (223)

5th South Carolina Infantry (282)

6th South Carolina Infantry (358)

2nd South Carolina Rifles (298)

Palmetto Sharpshooters (South Carolina) (386)

Kershaw's Division: Major General Joseph B. Kershaw

DuBose's Brigade: Brigadier General Dudley M. DuBose (captured

April 6), Captain J. F. Espy

16th Georgia Infantry (54)

18th Georgia Infantry (53)

24th Georgia Infantry (62)

3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters (24)

Cobb's Legion (Georgia) (56)

Phillips' Legion (Georgia) (93)

Humphreys' Brigade: Brigadier General Benjamin G. Humphreys

(captured April 6), Captain Gwin R. Cherry

13th Mississippi Infantry (85)

17th Mississippi Infantry (64)

18th Mississippi Infantry (48)

21st Mississippi Infantry (49)

Simms' Brigade: Brigadier General James P. Simms (captured

April 6), Captain George W. Waldron

10th Georgia Infantry (50)

50th Georgia Infantry (30)

51st Georgia Infantry (43)

53rd Georgia Infantry (64)

Mahone's Division: Major General William Mahone

Forney's Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Forney

8th Alabama Infantry (170)

9th Alabama Infantry (78)

10th Alabama Infantry (228)

11th Alabama Infantry (190)

13th Alabama Infantry (91)

14th Alabama Infantry (193)

Weisiger's Brigade: Brigadier General David A. Weisiger

6th Virginia Infantry (111)

12th Virginia Infantry (190)

16th Virginia Infantry (125)

41st Virginia Infantry (109)

61st Virginia Infantry (119)

Harris' Brigade: Brigadier General Nathaniel H. Harris

12th Mississippi Infantry (55)

16th Mississippi Infantry (72)

19th Mississippi Infantry (138)

48th Mississippi Infantry (99)

Sorrel's Brigade: Colonel George E. Tayloe

3rd Georgia Infantry (248)

22nd Georgia Infantry (220)

48th Georgia Infantry (207)

64th Georgia Infantry (105)

2nd Battalion Georgia Infantry (82)

10th Battalion Georgia Infantry (166)

Finegan's Brigade: Colonel David Lang

2nd Florida Infantry (70)

5th Florida Infantry (53)

8th Florida Infantry (34)

9th Florida Infantry (124)

10th Florida Infantry (172)

11th Florida Infantry (23)

Florida Brigade Band (14)

28th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery, Companies F and H (7)

Heth's Division: Major General Henry Heth

Davis' Brigade: Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis

1st Battalion Confederate Infantry (9)

2nd Mississippi Infantry (20)

11th Mississippi Infantry (19)

26th Mississippi Infantry (12)

42nd Mississippi Infantry (6)

Cooke's Brigade: Brigadier General John R. Cooke

15th North Carolina Infantry (137)

27th North Carolina Infantry (117)

46th North Carolina Infantry (118)

48th North Carolina Infantry (101)

55th North Carolina Infantry (83)

MacRae's Brigade: Brigadier General William MacRae

11th North Carolina Infantry (84)

26th North Carolina Infantry (131)

44th North Carolina Infantry (83)

47th North Carolina Infantry (77)

52nd North Carolina Infantry (96)

McComb's Brigade: Brigadier General William McComb

2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry (63)

1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army) (38)

7th Tennessee Infantry (48)

14th Tennessee Infantry (41)

17th Tennessee Infantry (68)

23rd Tennessee Infantry (56)

25th Tennessee Infantry (25)

44th Tennessee Infantry (58)

63rd Tennessee Infantry (75)

Wilcox's Division: Major General Cadmus M. Wilcox

Thomas' Brigade: Brigadier General Edward L. Thomas

14th Georgia Infantry (168)

35th Georgia Infantry (137)

45th Georgia Infantry (93)

49th Georgia Infantry (112)

Lane's Brigade: Brigadier General James H. Lane

18th North Carolina Infantry (99)

28th North Carolina Infantry (232)

33rd North Carolina Infantry (120)

37th North Carolina Infantry (111)

McGowan's Brigade: Brigadier General Samuel McGowan

1st South Carolina Infantry (Provisional Army) (116)

12th South Carolina Infantry (161)

13th South Carolina Infantry (198)

14th South Carolina Infantry (265)

Orr's Rifles (South Carolina) (157)

Scales' Brigade: Colonel Joseph H. Hyman

13th North Carolina Infantry (218)

16th North Carolina Infantry (96)

22nd North Carolina Infantry (111)

34th North Carolina Infantry (169)

38th North Carolina Infantry (132)

First Corps Artillery: Brigadier General E. Porter Alexander

Cabell's Battalion: Major S. P. Hamilton

Anderson's Battery (Virginia)

Frasier's Battery (Georgia) (4)

Carlton's Battery (Georgia) (10)

1st Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (12)

Manly's Battery/1st North Carolina Artillery, Company A (5)

Huger's Battalion: Major Tyler C. Jordan

Fickling's Battery (South Carolina) (44)

Moody's Battery (Louisiana) (45)

Parker's Battery (Virginia) (48)

J. D. Smith's Battery (Virginia) (66)

Taylor's Battery (Virginia) (45)

Woolfolk's Battery (Virginia) (66)

Hardaway's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Hardaway

Powhatan Artillery (Virginia) (89)

3rd Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (95)

Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia) (119)

Salem Flying Artillery (Virginia) (98)

Haskell's Battalion: Major John C. Haskell

Flanner's Battery (North Carolina) (27)

Palmetto Light/Garden's Battery (South Carolina) (101)

Lamkin's Battery (Virginia) (13)

Ramsay's Battery/1st North Carolina Artillery, Company D (28)

Stark's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Alexander W. Stark

Louisiana Guard Artillery (18)

Armistead's Battery/Matthew's Artillery (Virginia) (71)

McComas Artillery/French's Battery (Virginia) (66)

Johnson's Battalion: Major Marmaduke Johnson

Clutter's Artillery (Virginia) (56)

FredericksburgArtillery (Virginia) (77)

Third Corps Artillery: Colonel R. Lindsay Walker

McIntosh's Battalion: Colonel David G. McIntosh

1st Maryland Battery (36)

4th Maryland Battery (12)

DanvilleArtillery (Virginia) (85)

Hardaway Artillery/Hurt's Battery (Alabama) (83)

2nd Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia) (28)

Pegram's Battalion: Colonel William J. Pegram (killed April 2)

Ellett's Battery (Virginia) (4)

Letcher Artillery (Virginia) (5)

Pee Dee Light Artillery (South Carolina)

Purcell Light Artillery (Virginia) (1)

Poague's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel William T. Poague

Madison Artillery (Mississippi) (58)

AlbemarleArtillery (Virginia) (48)

Brooks Artillery/Utterback's Battery (Virginia) (40)

Charlotte Artillery (Virginia)

Penick's Battery/Pittsylvania Artillery (Virginia) (70)

Williams' Battery/1st North Carolina Artillery, Company C (25)

Richardson's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richardson

Lewis Artillery (Virginia)

Donaldsonville Artillery (Louisiana) (71)

Norfolk Light Artillery Blues (Virginia) (25)

Huger Artillery (Virginia) (2)

Lane's Battalion (Sumter Battalion): Major John Lane (54)

Ross' Battery (Georgia)

Patterson's Battery (Georgia)

Irwin Artillery (Georgia)

Owen's Battalion: Major William M. Owen

Chamberlayne's Battery (Virginia) (45)

Dickenson's Artillery (Virginia) (7)

Walker's Battery (Virginia) (1)

WashingtonArtillery of New Orleans: Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin


1st Company (Louisiana) (5)

2nd Company (Louisiana) (8)

3rd Company (Louisiana) (12)

4th Company (Louisiana) (13)

Second Army Corps: Major General John B. Gordon


Grimes' Division: Major General Bryan Grimes

Battle's Brigade: Colonel Edwin L. Hobson

3rd Alabama Infantry (105)

5th Alabama Infantry (62)

6th Alabama Infantry (87)

12th Alabama Infantry (69)

61st Alabama Infantry (50)

Grimes' Brigade: Colonel D. G. Cowand

32nd North Carolina Infantry (119)

43rd North Carolina Infantry (179)

45th North Carolina Infantry (97)

53rd North Carolina Infantry (96)

2nd Battalion North Carolina Infantry (52)

Cox's Brigade: Brigadier General William R. Cox

1st North Carolina Infantry (73)

2nd North Carolina Infantry (64)

3rd North Carolina Infantry (58)

4th North Carolina Infantry (117)

14th North Carolina Infantry (121)

30th North Carolina Infantry (162)

Cook's Brigade: Colonel Edwin A. Nash

4th Georgia Infantry (148)

12th Georgia Infantry (70)

21st Georgia Infantry (65)

44th Georgia Infantry (83)

Archer's Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher H. Archer

3rd Battalion Virginia Reserves (18)

44th Battalion Virginia Infantry (61)

Early's Division: Brigadier General James A. Walker

Johnston's Brigade: Colonel John W. Lea

5th North Carolina Infantry (93)

12th North Carolina Infantry (152)

20th North Carolina Infantry (83)

23rd North Carolina Infantry (91)

1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters (69)

Lewis' Brigade: Captain John Beard

6th North Carolina Infantry (188)

21st North Carolina Infantry (111)

54th North Carolina Infantry (61)

57th North Carolina Infantry (82)

Walker's Brigade: Major Henry Kyd Douglas

13th Virginia Infantry (63)

31st Virginia Infantry (57)

49th Virginia Infantry (62)

52nd Virginia Infantry (60)

58th Virginia Infantry (67)

Gordon's Division: Brigadier General Clement A. Evans

Evans' Brigade: Colonel John H. Lowe

13th Georgia Infantry (174)

26th Georgia Infantry (220)

31st Georgia Infantry (123)

38th Georgia Infantry (112)

60th Georgia Infantry (91)

61st Georgia Infantry (82)

9th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery (21)

12th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery (131)

18th Battalion Georgia Infantry (16)

Terry's Brigade: Colonel Titus V. Williams

2nd Virginia Infantry (74)

4th Virginia Infantry (47)

5th Virginia Infantry (56)

10th Virginia Infantry (50)

21st Virginia Infantry (57)

23rd Virginia Infantry (59)

25th Virginia Infantry (19)

27th Virginia Infantry (22)

33rd Virginia Infantry (19)

37th Virginia Infantry (42)

42nd Virginia Infantry (53)

44th Virginia Infantry (16)

48th Virginia Infantry (41)

York's Brigade: Colonel Eugene Waggaman

1st Louisiana Infantry (19)

2nd Louisiana Infantry (44)

5th Louisiana Infantry (19)

6th Louisiana Infantry (56)

7th Louisiana Infantry (43)

8th Louisiana Infantry (58)

9th Louisiana Infantry (68)

10th Louisiana Infantry (17)

14th Louisiana Infantry (32)

15th Louisiana Infantry (19)

Johnson's Division: Major General Bushrod R. Johnson (relieved

of command April 8), Brigadier General William H. Wallace

Wallace's Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Wallace

17th South Carolina Infantry (121)

18th South Carolina Infantry (160)

22nd South Carolina Infantry (89)

23rd South Carolina Infantry (106)

26th South Carolina Infantry (124)

Holcombe Legion (South Carolina) (34)

Moody's Brigade: Brigadier General Young M. Moody (captured

April 8), Colonel Martin L. Stansel

41st Alabama Infantry (99)

43rd Alabama Infantry (128)

59th Alabama Infantry (110)

60th Alabama Infantry (184)

23rd Battalion Alabama Infantry (47)

Wise's Brigade: Brigadier General Henry A. Wise

26th Virginia Infantry (96)

34th Virginia Infantry (245)

46th Virginia Infantry (139)

59th Virginia Infantry (149)

Ransom's Brigade: Brigadier General Matthew W. Ransom

24th North Carolina Infantry (55)

25th North Carolina Infantry (78)

35th North Carolina Infantry (117)

49th North Carolina Infantry (108)

56th North Carolina Infantry (72)

Second Corps Artillery: Brigadier General Armistead L. Long

Nelson's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel William Nelson

AmherstArtillery (Virginia)

Milledge's Artillery (Georgia)

Fluvanna Artillery (Virginia)

Braxton's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Carter M. Braxton

Alleghany Artillery (Virginia) (2)

Lee Artillery (Virginia) (16)

Stafford Artillery (Virginia) (5)

Cutshaw's Battalion: Major Wilfred E. Cutshaw (wounded April 6),

Captain C. W. Fry

Orange Artillery (Virginia) (20)

StauntonArtillery (Virginia) (54)

2nd Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (49)

King William Light Artillery (Virginia) (23)

Montgomery's/Louisa Battery (Virginia) (31)

Jeff Davis Artillery/Reese's Battery (Alabama) (27)

Anderson's Corps Artillery: Colonel Hillary P. Jones

Coit's Battalion: Major James C. Coit

Wright's Battery (Virginia)

Pegram's Battery (Virginia)

Bradford's Battery (Mississippi)

Kelly's Battery (South Carolina)

Blount's Battalion: Major Joseph G. Blount

Cumming's Battery (North Carolina)

Lowry's Battery (Virginia)

Miller's Battery (North Carolina)

Slaten's Battery (Georgia)

Stribling's Battalion: Major Robert M. Stribling

Marshall's Battery (Virginia)

Macon's Battery (Virginia)

Sullivan's Battery (Virginia)

Dickerson's Battery (Virginia)

Sturdivant's Battalion: Captain N. A. Sturdivant

Martin's Battery (Virginia)

Sturdivant's Battery (Virginia)

Third Army Corps: Lieutenant General Ambrose P. Hill (killed

April 2), Third Corps was combined with the First Corps under

Lieutenant General James Longstreet

Anderson's Corps: Lieutenant General Richard H. Anderson

(relieved of command April 8), the corps' one division and its

artillery was merged into the Second Corps commanded by Major

General John B. Gordon

Cavalry Corps: Major General Fitzhugh Lee


Fitzhugh Lee's Division: Brigadier General Thomas L. Munford

(promoted April 6)

Munford's Brigade: Brigadier General Thomas L. Munford

1st Virginia Cavalry (1)

2nd Virginia Cavalry (47)

3rd Virginia Cavalry (4)

4th Virginia Cavalry (7)

Payne's Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Payne (wounded

April 6), Colonel Rueben B. Boston (killed April 6)

5th Virginia Cavalry (2)

6th Virginia Cavalry (4)

15th Virginia Cavalry

36th Battalion Virginia Cavalry (92)

Gary's Brigade: Brigadier General Martin W. Gary

7th Georgia Cavalry (46)

7th South Carolina Cavalry (384)

Hampton Legion (South Carolina) (246)

24th Virginia Cavalry (165)

W. H. F. Lee's Division: Major General William H. F. Lee

Barringer's Brigade: Brigadier General Rufus Barringer (captured

April 3), brigade was merged with that of Brigadier General

William P. Roberts

1st North Carolina Cavalry (10)

2nd North Carolina Cavalry (10)

3rd North Carolina Cavalry (2)

5th North Carolina Cavalry (6)

Beale's Brigade: Captain Samuel H. Burt

9th Virginia Cavalry (24)

10th Virginia Cavalry (22)

13th Virginia Cavalry (86)

14th Virginia Cavalry (37)

Roberts' Brigade: Brigadier General William P. Roberts

4th North Carolina Cavalry (38)

16th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry (46)

Rosser's Division: Major General Thomas L. Rosser

Dearing's Brigade: Brigadier General James Dearing (mortally

wounded April 6), Colonel Elijah V. White

7th Virginia Cavalry (1)

11th Virginia Cavalry

12th Virginia Cavalry

35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

McCausland's Brigade: commander unknown

16th Virginia Cavalry

17th Virginia Cavalry

21st Virginia Cavalry (1)

22nd Virginia Cavalry

Horse Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel R. Preston Chew

Breathed's Battalion: Major James Breathed

Johnston's Battery (Virginia)

Shoemaker's Battery (Virginia) (2)

Thomson's Battery (Virginia) (1)

Chew's Battalion: commander unknown

Petersburg Artillery (Virginia) (20)

2nd Jeb Stuart Horse Artillery (Virginia) (3)

Department of Richmond:Lieutenant General Richard S.

Ewell (captured April 6), Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Spencer


G. W. C. Lee's Division: Major General G. W. C. Lee (captured April 6)

Barton's Brigade: Brigadier General Seth M. Barton (captured

April 6)

22nd Battalion Virginia Infantry (13)

25th Battalion Virginia Infantry (25)

40th Virginia Infantry (9)

47th and 50th Virginia Infantry (Consolidated) (7)

Moore's Brigade: Brigadier General Patrick T. Moore (apparently did

not accompany his command on the retreat)

2nd Virginia Local Defense Troops (2)

3rd Virginia Local Defense Troops (1)

1st Virginia Reserves (2)

2nd Virginia Reserves (8)

1st Battalion Virginia Reserves (16)

2nd Battalion Virginia Reserves (2)

Artillery Brigade: Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield (killed April 6), this

entire brigade was deployed as infantry during the retreat

10th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (102)

18th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (25)

19th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (49)

20th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (22)

18th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery

Drewry's Bluff Garrison: Major F. W. Smith (killed April 5), this

entire force was deployed as infantry during the retreat

Young's Howitzers (Virginia) (6)

Neblett's Artillery (Virginia) (54)

Johnston (Eppes) Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (61)

Lunenburg Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (19)

Pamunkey Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (5)

Southside Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (67)

United Artillery/Kevill's Company (Virginia) (30)

Naval Brigade: Commodore John Randolph Tucker (captured April 6),

Lieutenant Washington Gwathmey


Marines:Captain John D. Simms (captured April 6)



Hood's Battalion, Virginia Militia

Second-Class Militia

Independent Signal Corps (71)

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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