II Army Corps

II Army Corps Badge was red for the 1st Division; white for the 2nd Division and blue for the 3rd Division

Major General Andrew A. Humphreys


1st Division: Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles

1st Brigade:Colonel George W. Scott

26th Michigan Infantry

5th New Hampshire Infantry (Battalion)

2nd New York Heavy Artillery

61st New York Infantry

81st Pennsylvania Infantry

140th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade:Colonel Robert Nugent

28th Massachusetts Infantry (5 companies)

63rd New York Infantry (6 companies)

69th New York Infantry

88th New York Infantry (5 companies)

4th New York Heavy Artillery

3rd Brigade:Brigadier General Henry J. Madill (wounded April 2),

Brigadier General Clinton D. MacDougall

7th New York Infantry

39th New York Infantry

52nd New York Infantry

111th New York Infantry

125th New York Infantry

126th New York Infantry

4th Brigade:Brigadier General John Ramsey

64th New York Infantry

66th New York Infantry

53rd Pennsylvania Infantry

116th Pennsylvania Infantry

145th Pennsylvania Infantry

148th Pennsylvania Infantry

183rd Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Division: Brigadier General William Hays (assigned to Artillery Reserve April 6),

Brigadier General Thomas Smyth (temporary command), Brigadier General

Francis C. Barlow (assigned April 7)

1st Brigade:Colonel William A. Olmsted

19th Maine Infantry

19th Massachusetts Infantry

20th Massachusetts Infantry

7th Michigan Infantry

1st Minnesota Infantry (2 companies)

59th New York Infantry (Battalion)

82nd New York Infantry (Battalion, 4 companies of 2nd New York attached)

152nd New York Infantry

184th Pennsylvania Infantry

36th Wisconsin Infantry

2nd Brigade:Colonel James P. McIvor

8th New York Heavy Artillery

155th New York Infantry

164th New York Infantry

170th New York Infantry

182nd New York Infantry (69th New York National Guard Artillery)

3rd Brigade:Brigadier General Thomas A. Smyth (mortally wounded April 7),

Colonel Danielle Woodall

14th Connecticut Infantry

1st Delaware Infantry

12th New Jersey Infantry

10th New York Infantry (Battalion)

108th New York Infantry

4th Ohio Infantry (4 companies)

69th Pennsylvania Infantry

106th Pennsylvania Infantry (3 companies)

7th West Virginia Infantry (4 companies)


2nd Company, Minnesota Sharpshooters

3rd Division: Major General Gershom Mott (wounded April 6), Brigadier General

Regis de Trobriand

1st Brigade:Brigadier General Regis de Trobriand, Colonel Russell B. Shepherd

20th Indiana Infantry

1st Maine Heavy Artillery

40th New York Infantry

73rd New York Infantry

86th New York Infantry

124th New York Infantry

99th Pennsylvania Infantry

110th Pennsylvania Infantry

2nd Brigade:Brigadier General Byron R. Pierce

17th Maine Infantry

1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery

5th Michigan Infantry

93rd New York Infantry

57th Pennsylvania Infantry

105th Pennsylvania Infantry

141st Pennsylvania Infantry

3rd Brigade:Brigadier General Robert McAllister

11th Massachusetts Infantry

7th New Jersey Infantry

8th New Jersey Infantry

11th New Jersey Infantry

120th New York Infantry

Artillery Brigade:Lieutenant Colonel John G. Hazard

MassachusettsLight Artillery, 10th Battery

1st New Hampshire Light Artillery, Company M

1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Company B

New York Light Artillery, 11th Battery

4th New York Heavy Artillery, Companies C and L

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery B

4th United States Artillery, Company K

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