First and Third Army Corps (Combined)

        Lieutenant General
        James Longstreet

Lieutenant General James Longstreet (Lieutenant General

Ambrose P. Hill was killed April 2, Third Corps was combined

with the First)


Provost Guard

5th Battalion Alabama Infantry (128)

Pickett's Division: Major General George E. Pickett (relieved of

command April 8)

Steuart's Brigade: Brigadier General George H. Steuart

9th Virginia Infantry (40)

14th Virginia Infantry (58)

38th Virginia Infantry (95)

53rd Virginia Infantry (86)

57th Virginia Infantry (87)

Corse's Brigade: Brigadier General Montgomery D. Corse (captured

April 6), Colonel Arthur Herbert

15th Virginia Infantry (69)

17th Virginia Infantry (125)

29th Virginia Infantry (31)

30th Virginia Infantry (90)

32nd Virginia Infantry (48)

Hunton's Brigade: Brigadier General Eppa Hunton (captured April 6),

Major Michael P. Spessard

8th Virginia Infantry (12)

18th Virginia Infantry (70)

19th Virginia Infantry (30)

28th Virginia Infantry (56)

56th Virginia Infantry (33)

Terry's Brigade: Brigadier General William R. Terry (wounded

March 31), Colonel Joseph Mayo (in command April 1),

Major William W. Bentley

1st Virginia Infantry (17)

3rd Virginia Infantry (70)

7th Virginia Infantry (20)

11th Virginia Infantry (31)

24th Virginia Infantry (24)

Field's Division: Major General Charles W. Field

Law's Brigade: Brigadier General William F. Perry

4th Alabama Infantry (224)

15th Alabama Infantry (220)

44th Alabama Infantry (209)

47th Alabama Infantry (207)

48th Alabama Infantry (136)

Anderson's Brigade: Brigadier General George T. Anderson

7th Georgia Infantry (188)

8th Georgia Infantry (153)

9th Georgia Infantry (189)

11th Georgia Infantry (190)

59th Georgia Infantry (267)

Benning's Brigade: Brigadier General Henry L. Benning

2nd Georgia Infantry (158)

15th Georgia Infantry (246)

17th Georgia Infantry (186)

20th Georgia Infantry (210)

Gregg's Brigade: Colonel R. M. Powell

3rd Arkansas Infantry (147)

1st Texas Infantry (149)

4th Texas Infantry (160)

5th Texas Infantry (162)

Bratton's Brigade: Brigadier General John Bratton

1st South Carolina Infantry (223)

5th South Carolina Infantry (282)

6th South Carolina Infantry (358)

2nd South Carolina Rifles (298)

Palmetto Sharpshooters (South Carolina) (386)

Kershaw's Division: Major General Joseph B. Kershaw

DuBose's Brigade: Brigadier General Dudley M. DuBose (captured

April 6), Captain J. F. Espy

16th Georgia Infantry (54)

18th Georgia Infantry (53)

24th Georgia Infantry (62)

3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters (24)

Cobb's Legion (Georgia) (56)

Phillips' Legion (Georgia) (93)

Humphreys' Brigade: Brigadier General Benjamin G. Humphreys

(captured April 6), Captain Gwin R. Cherry

13th Mississippi Infantry (85)

17th Mississippi Infantry (64)

18th Mississippi Infantry (48)

21st Mississippi Infantry (49)

Simms' Brigade: Brigadier General James P. Simms (captured

April 6), Captain George W. Waldron

10th Georgia Infantry (50)

50th Georgia Infantry (30)

51st Georgia Infantry (43)

53rd Georgia Infantry (64)

Mahone's Division: Major General William Mahone

Forney's Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Forney

8th Alabama Infantry (170)

9th Alabama Infantry (78)

10th Alabama Infantry (228)

11th Alabama Infantry (190)

13th Alabama Infantry (91)

14th Alabama Infantry (193)

Weisiger's Brigade: Brigadier General David A. Weisiger

6th Virginia Infantry (111)

12th Virginia Infantry (190)

16th Virginia Infantry (125)

41st Virginia Infantry (109)

61st Virginia Infantry (119)

Harris' Brigade: Brigadier General Nathaniel H. Harris

12th Mississippi Infantry (55)

16th Mississippi Infantry (72)

19th Mississippi Infantry (138)

48th Mississippi Infantry (99)

Sorrel's Brigade: Colonel George E. Tayloe

3rd Georgia Infantry (248)

22nd Georgia Infantry (220)

48th Georgia Infantry (207)

64th Georgia Infantry (105)

2nd Battalion Georgia Infantry (82)

10th Battalion Georgia Infantry (166)

Finegan's Brigade: Colonel David Lang

2nd Florida Infantry (70)

5th Florida Infantry (53)

8th Florida Infantry (34)

9th Florida Infantry (124)

10th Florida Infantry (172)

11th Florida Infantry (23)

Florida Brigade Band (14)

28th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery, Companies F and H (7)

Heth's Division: Major General Henry Heth

Davis' Brigade: Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis

1st Battalion Confederate Infantry (9)

2nd Mississippi Infantry (20)

11th Mississippi Infantry (19)

26th Mississippi Infantry (12)

42nd Mississippi Infantry (6)

Cooke's Brigade: Brigadier General John R. Cooke

15th North Carolina Infantry (137)

27th North Carolina Infantry (117)

46th North Carolina Infantry (118)

48th North Carolina Infantry (101)

55th North Carolina Infantry (83)

MacRae's Brigade: Brigadier General William MacRae

11th North Carolina Infantry (84)

26th North Carolina Infantry (131)

44th North Carolina Infantry (83)

47th North Carolina Infantry (77)

52nd North Carolina Infantry (96)

McComb's Brigade: Brigadier General William McComb

2nd Battalion Maryland Infantry (63)

1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army) (38)

7th Tennessee Infantry (48)

14th Tennessee Infantry (41)

17th Tennessee Infantry (68)

23rd Tennessee Infantry (56)

25th Tennessee Infantry (25)

44th Tennessee Infantry (58)

63rd Tennessee Infantry (75)

Wilcox's Division: Major General Cadmus M. Wilcox

Thomas' Brigade: Brigadier General Edward L. Thomas

14th Georgia Infantry (168)

35th Georgia Infantry (137)

45th Georgia Infantry (93)

49th Georgia Infantry (112)

Lane's Brigade: Brigadier General James H. Lane

18th North Carolina Infantry (99)

28th North Carolina Infantry (232)

33rd North Carolina Infantry (120)

37th North Carolina Infantry (111)

McGowan's Brigade: Brigadier General Samuel McGowan

1st South Carolina Infantry (Provisional Army) (116)

12th South Carolina Infantry (161)

13th South Carolina Infantry (198)

14th South Carolina Infantry (265)

Orr's Rifles (South Carolina) (157)

Scales' Brigade: Colonel Joseph H. Hyman

13th North Carolina Infantry (218)

16th North Carolina Infantry (96)

22nd North Carolina Infantry (111)

34th North Carolina Infantry (169)

38th North Carolina Infantry (132)

First Corps Artillery: Brigadier General E. Porter Alexander

Cabell's Battalion: Major S. P. Hamilton

Anderson's Battery (Virginia)

Frasier's Battery (Georgia) (4)

Carlton's Battery (Georgia) (10)

1st Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (12)

Manly's Battery/1st North Carolina Artillery, Company A (5)

Huger's Battalion: Major Tyler C. Jordan

Fickling's Battery (South Carolina) (44)

Moody's Battery (Louisiana) (45)

Parker's Battery (Virginia) (48)

J. D. Smith's Battery (Virginia) (66)

Taylor's Battery (Virginia) (45)

Woolfolk's Battery (Virginia) (66)

Hardaway's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Hardaway

Powhatan Artillery (Virginia) (89)

3rd Company Richmond Howitzers (Virginia) (95)

Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia) (119)

Salem Flying Artillery (Virginia) (98)

Haskell's Battalion: Major John C. Haskell

Flanner's Battery (North Carolina) (27)

Palmetto Light/Garden's Battery (South Carolina) (101)

Lamkin's Battery (Virginia) (13)

Ramsay's Battery/1st North Carolina Artillery, Company D (28)

Stark's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Alexander W. Stark

Louisiana Guard Artillery (18)

Armistead's Battery/Matthew's Artillery (Virginia) (71)

McComas Artillery/French's Battery (Virginia) (66)

Johnson's Battalion: Major Marmaduke Johnson

Clutter's Artillery (Virginia) (56)

FredericksburgArtillery (Virginia) (77)

Third Corps Artillery: Colonel R. Lindsay Walker

McIntosh's Battalion: Colonel David G. McIntosh

1st Maryland Battery (36)

4th Maryland Battery (12)

DanvilleArtillery (Virginia) (85)

Hardaway Artillery/Hurt's Battery (Alabama) (83)

2nd Rockbridge Artillery (Virginia) (28)

Pegram's Battalion: Colonel William J. Pegram (killed April 2)

Ellett's Battery (Virginia) (4)

Letcher Artillery (Virginia) (5)

Pee Dee Light Artillery (South Carolina)

Purcell Light Artillery (Virginia) (1)

Poague's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel William T. Poague

Madison Artillery (Mississippi) (58)

AlbemarleArtillery (Virginia) (48)

Brooks Artillery/Utterback's Battery (Virginia) (40)

Charlotte Artillery (Virginia)

Penick's Battery/Pittsylvania Artillery (Virginia) (70)

Williams' Battery/1st North Carolina Artillery, Company C (25)

Richardson's Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richardson

Lewis Artillery (Virginia)

Donaldsonville Artillery (Louisiana) (71)

Norfolk Light Artillery Blues (Virginia) (25)

Huger Artillery (Virginia) (2)

Lane's Battalion (Sumter Battalion): Major John Lane (54)

Ross' Battery (Georgia)

Patterson's Battery (Georgia)

Irwin Artillery (Georgia)

Owen's Battalion: Major William M. Owen

Chamberlayne's Battery (Virginia) (45)

Dickenson's Artillery (Virginia) (7)

Walker's Battery (Virginia) (1)

WashingtonArtillery of New Orleans: Lieutenant Colonel

Benjamin Eshleman

1st Company (Louisiana) (5)

2nd Company (Louisiana) (8)

3rd Company (Louisiana) (12)

4th Company (Louisiana) (13)

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