Additional Units

      Maj General Fitzhugh Lee

Anderson's Corps: Lieutenant General

Richard H. Anderson (relieved of command

April 8), the corps' one division and its artillery

was merged into the Second Corps commanded

by Major General John B. Gordon

Cavalry Corps: Major General Fitzhugh Lee


Fitzhugh Lee's Division:

Brigadier General

Thomas L. Munford

(promoted April 6)

Munford's Brigade: Brigadier General Thomas L. Munford

1st Virginia Cavalry (1)

2nd Virginia Cavalry (47)

3rd Virginia Cavalry (4)

4th Virginia Cavalry (7)

Payne's Brigade: Brigadier General William H. Payne (wounded

April 6), Colonel Rueben B. Boston (killed April 6)

5th Virginia Cavalry (2)

6th Virginia Cavalry (4)

15th Virginia Cavalry

36th Battalion Virginia Cavalry (92)

Gary's Brigade: Brigadier General Martin W. Gary

7th Georgia Cavalry (46)

7th South Carolina Cavalry (384)

Hampton Legion (South Carolina) (246)

24th Virginia Cavalry (165)

W. H. F. Lee's Division: Major General William H. F. Lee

Barringer's Brigade: Brigadier General Rufus Barringer (captured

April 3), brigade was merged with that of Brigadier General

William P. Roberts

1st North Carolina Cavalry (10)

2nd North Carolina Cavalry (10)

3rd North Carolina Cavalry (2)

5th North Carolina Cavalry (6)

Beale's Brigade: Captain Samuel H. Burt

9th Virginia Cavalry (24)

10th Virginia Cavalry (22)

13th Virginia Cavalry (86)

14th Virginia Cavalry (37)

Roberts' Brigade: Brigadier General William P. Roberts

4th North Carolina Cavalry (38)

16th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry (46)

Rosser's Division: Major General Thomas L. Rosser

Dearing's Brigade: Brigadier General James Dearing (mortally

wounded April 6), Colonel Elijah V. White

7th Virginia Cavalry (1)

11th Virginia Cavalry

12th Virginia Cavalry

35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

McCausland's Brigade: commander unknown

16th Virginia Cavalry

17th Virginia Cavalry

21st Virginia Cavalry (1)

22nd Virginia Cavalry

Horse Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel R. Preston Chew

Breathed's Battalion: Major James Breathed

Johnston's Battery (Virginia)

Shoemaker's Battery (Virginia) (2)

Thomson's Battery (Virginia) (1)

Chew's Battalion: commander unknown

Petersburg Artillery (Virginia) (20)

2nd Jeb Stuart Horse Artillery (Virginia) (3)

Department of Richmond:Lieutenant General Richard S

. Ewell (captured April 6), Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Spencer


G. W. C. Lee's Division: Major General G. W. C. Lee (captured

April 6)

Barton's Brigade: Brigadier General Seth M. Barton (captured

April 6)

22nd Battalion Virginia Infantry (13)

25th Battalion Virginia Infantry (25)

40th Virginia Infantry (9)

47th and 50th Virginia Infantry (Consolidated) (7)

Moore's Brigade: Brigadier General Patrick T. Moore (apparently did

not accompany his command on the retreat)

2nd Virginia Local Defense Troops (2)

3rd Virginia Local Defense Troops (1)

1st Virginia Reserves (2)

2nd Virginia Reserves (8)

1st Battalion Virginia Reserves (16)

2nd Battalion Virginia Reserves (2)

Artillery Brigade: Colonel Stapleton Crutchfield (killed April 6), this

entire brigade was deployed as infantry during the retreat

10th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (102)

18th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (25)

19th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (49)

20th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery (22)

18th Battalion Georgia Heavy Artillery

Drewry's Bluff Garrison: Major F. W. Smith (killed April 5), this

entire force was deployed as infantry during the retreat

Young's Howitzers (Virginia) (6)

Neblett's Artillery (Virginia) (54)

Johnston (Eppes) Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (61)

Lunenburg Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (19)

Pamunkey Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (5)

Southside Heavy Artillery (Virginia) (67)

United Artillery/Kevill's Company (Virginia) (30)

Naval Brigade: Commodore John Randolph Tucker (captured April 6),

Lieutenant Washington Gwathmey


Marines:Captain John D. Simms (captured April 6)



Hood's Battalion, Virginia Militia

Second-Class Militia

Independent Signal Corps (71)

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