Rangers to Classrooms

Invite a Park Ranger Into Your Classroom with National Park Service Education Programs

Throughout the entire year Park Rangers are available to visit your classroom or home school organization with interactive lessons that meet grade level standards of the Tennessee State Curriculum.

All of these programs are free of charge.

Kindergarten: Symbols of Tennessee and the United States

Students will learn about some of the symbols of Tennessee, including the state flower and state bird. The Park Ranger will then lead a discussion about some symbols of the United States. The program will conclude with the group constructing their very own symbol of our nation, the Statue of Liberty, with the help of a student volunteer.

First Grade: Your Vote Counts!
Students vote in a class election to better understand the process of the American political system and identify their rights as a citizen. A park ranger will introduce the class to the contributions of American presidents while highlighting Greeneville's own, Andrew Johnson.

Second Grade: The Culture of Tennessee
This lesson offers students the chance to investigate Tennessee's cultural influences. From musical heritage to American presidents, Tennessee is a unique state with an illustrious history. Guided inquiry is incorporated into this lesson as students uncover artifacts to describe cultures.

Fifth Grade: High Crimes and Misdemeanors - the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Students analyze primary sources to learn about why Andrew Johnson was impeached. Students then vote in a mock impeachment trial.

Eighth Grade: Andrew Johnson and the Homestead Act

Students will learn about the Homestead Act and Andrew Johnson’s connection to it. Students will then participate in a simulation to find out if they were able to survive the hardships of life on the frontier.

Local group leaders or teachers who would like to sign up for these programs can contact Andrew Johnson National Historic Site at 423-638-3551.


Last updated: May 30, 2019

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