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We are excited that you are planning a visit to Andrew Johnson National Historic Site with your students. Your visit will allow student interaction with items that once belonged to Andrew Johnson and his family. As a unit of the National Park Service, our mission is to protect history and share resources while engaging visitors with memorable experiences. When your students visit the site, they will walk the halls of the President's Homestead where the Johnson family experienced happiness and sorrow during pivotal moments of the Civil War. They can listen for the sounds of a tailor cutting cloth in the original shop owned by Andrew Johnson and compare and contrast the time period in which the President lived and our lives today.

To Schedule a Field Trip

Ranger-led programs are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays based on available staffing.Teachers wishing to bring their class to the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site need to call the Visitor Center at 423-638-3551 or email the Education Technician at least two weeks in advance of their desired visit date(s). Advance planning is extremely important as the site does require reservations if you wish for park rangers to facilitate activities.

Park Ranger-led programs

The staff of the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site wants to provide your students with an enjoyable educational program. There is no charge for a ranger-led program of the site. The Homestead tour requires a park ranger to be your guide.

The maximum number of people we can accommodate in a school group is 60. Teachers who wish to bring more than 60 students will need to plan for multiple days. Teachers are responsible for moving their groups between stations and there should be one adult per 10 students. Only 10-15 students may be admitted into the Homestead at a time, so large groups will be divided into segments for their visit.

Self-Guided Programs

Groups may visit on a self-guided basis (the only exception is the Homestead which requires a guided tour). Sites available for self-guided programs are the Visitor Center, the Early Home, the Homestead grounds, and the National Cemetery.

Advance registration for a self-guided tour is recommended. Often, park rangers can assist you in planning the timing of your activities. Please call 423-638-3551.

Learn more about the On-Site Experience.


Guidelines for a Pleasant Visit

1. Please communicate your arrival time and departure time with the Education Technician scheduling your reservation. If your time changes or the group needs to cancel, please notify the park personnel of this change by emailing or calling 423-638-3551. We appreciate your timeliness and communication.

2. Generally, the stops will alternate between the visitor center/museum area and the Homestead. Allow at least 30 minutes at each area. Have the groups divided before you arrive. Know where each bus will drop off or pick up students and the timing of your activity rotations. Limited bus and chaperone parking is available at the visitor center parking area and in front of the Homestead. When you call for reservations, a staff member will assist you in planning the itinerary.

3. One teacher or chaperone per 10 students is recommended. Teachers are responsible for the conduct of the group.

4. Facilities are limited. Public restrooms, water to drink, and an Eastern National sales center are located only at the Visitor Center.

5. We are a unit of the National Park Service, and regulations will be strictly enforced in order to "preserve and protect" the park for future generations. All plants, animals, and historic features are protected by law. Federal regulations prohibit picnicking and other recreational activities in any area of the park. Food and drink are not allowed in buildings. Chewing gum is discouraged.

6. Traffic, stairs at the Homestead & Early Home, and the creek flowing through the Homestead grounds are all potential safety hazards. Ensure that students are adequately supervised at all times.

Last updated: June 13, 2022

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