Learning Standards

Learning Standards Met:

The number sense- estimates classroom- measure sea levels, patterns and relations terms, data analysis: gather, organize and analyze data Classroom measure sea levels, field study, microclimate study

Measurements through technology Field and school study

Scientific thinking and inquiry through field study of weather and microclimates, methodology through field study

Cumulative nature of scientific evidence Global Warming Terms, field study

Distinguish between conjecture and evidence, plan collect data, draw conclusion, , mechanisms of atmospheric change terms, investigate causes a of severe weather terms, development and dynamics of climate change terms

Use of weather maps read and interpret weather data Identify and explain tides,

Earth science (Watershed, climate, weather, microclimate, floods, change over time)

Ecology : man's impact on the environment, global warming

Science and technology: use of equipment to collect data

Ecosystems: connection between atmosphere and land use, humans as part of the ecosystem, environment affected by policies,

Watershed and Wetlands: field investigation of difference between data collected at Kenilworth and Anacostia, erosion controls in the Chesapeake Bay, wetlands store water and filter it, physical characteristics of wetlands, weather and climate involve energy transfer


Last updated: April 10, 2015

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