The Amistad area is a transition zone between eastern, western, northern, and southern avifauna. While there are no specific 'destination' species, the mix creates great opportunities to see a wide variety of birds. The area is also centrally located as a good base for some Texas specialties like black-capped vireo, golden-cheeked warbler, and Colima warbler.

See below for good birding locations within the recreation area. In Del Rio, the creekwalk along San Felipe Creek is great for riparian and migratory species. With luck, you can find all three species of kingfishers (green, ringed, and belted) in one day. Zone-tailed hawk, Couch's kingbird, black-bellied whistling-duck, olive sparrow, great kiskadee, and many others are also likely to be seen. Park along US 90 E where it crosses the creek at the railroad bridge. You can walk downstream on the east (left) side through Moore Park and beyond for a couple of miles.


Park Campgrounds
The recreation area campgrounds, especially San Pedro, 277 North, and Spur 406, are good for desert species, wintering sparrows, and butterflies in season.

Spur 454 and Spur 406
At the end of these roads (where they enter the reservoir) use a spotting scope or strong binoculars to scan the water for interior least terns, which nest on rocky islands in the summer.

To learn about species commonly seen in the park, please visit our bird page.

Last updated: October 25, 2021

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