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Trails are rugged and there is uneven terrain. Please use caution and stick to the roads. There is currently no drinking water or restrooms available on site. Please plan ahead for your visit.

If you intend to walk anywhere on-site beside the welcome kiosk or the cemetery, you should wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. A walking stick will help you navigate the uneven terrain and flush out snakes.

Be cautious of summer heat and pay attention to weather predications including common hazardous winds, lightning, and hailstorms.


Because rattlesnakes are venomous, visitors should educate themselves on identification and precautions prior to their visit. If you encounter a rattlesnake, keep your distance. Rattlesnakes can strike only a distance equal to half their own length. They seek shelter in the shade of bushes, under buildings and old foundations in the heat of the day. Avoid placing your hands or feet in hidden areas.

If you are bitten, remain calm and follow the steps below. Less than 1% of all people bitten in the United States (by any venomous snakes) die.

  • Determine if a dry-bite occurred (with no venom injected) by assessing pain, swelling and muscle twitching. Those symptoms will occur if venom has been injected.

  • Immobilize and gently wash the bite area with soap and water and keep it lower than the heart.

  • If possible, stay put to avoid moving the muscle, which spreads the venom.

  • Mark the area of the swelling with a pen with the time on it.

  • Remove any watches or jewelry that might constrict swelling.

  • Do not cut the wound with a knife.

  • Do not pack the bite area in ice.

  • Do not suck out venom by mouth (avoid the common Sawyer Extractor).

  • Do not use a loose constricting band around bite to minimize venom spreading because this can be detrimental.

  • Get to a hospital as quickly as possible for anti-venom to be administered.

Last updated: March 25, 2022

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