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Amache National Historic Site is a newly designated national park unit located in the Arkansas River Valley in southeastern Colorado near the Town of Granada. The Arkansas River provides irrigation for agriculture, which was and still is, the region’s main industry. This part of Colorado is on the High Plains, an arid, windy, and sunny environment. Temperatures and conditions can be extreme in this region, with hot, arid summers that include occasional thunderstorms and tornadoes, as well as cold and snowy winters. The site is home to many thorny and spikey plants like cactus and yucca, as well as rattlesnakes.

The site is open during daylight hours and is not gated. The site currently consists of a cemetery, a monument, building foundations, and landscaping. Interpretive panels and a downloadable self-guided auto tour are available to assist with navigation of the site. While the National Park Service is working in partnership with community stakeholders and existing site partners to plan Amache National Historic Site, the site will continue to be operated and maintained by the Amache Preservation Society.


Last updated: October 19, 2022

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