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A concrete foundation in the middle of a field. Grass, trees, and yucca grow in and around the foundation.
The concrete foundations that remain are unique to Amache; no other confinement site had permanent foundations.

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What remains

After its closure in 1945, the buildings from the Granada Relocation Center were removed or demolished and the agricultural land was reverted to private farming and ranching. Today, only the historical concrete foundations remain of most buildings. Only three buildings were left at the site: the brick memorial at the cemetery, a concrete water reservoir, and a concrete block well house. The historical road beds are also largely intact.


Since then, several of the buildings have been reconstructed and returned to their original place. These structures include a barrack reconstructed on an original foundation, a recreation hall returned to its original foundation and restored, a reconstructed guard tower, and a reconstructed and restored but nonfunctioning water tower.

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