Apaches (1450 AD to 1700 AD)

Bison skull
Bison skull

NPS Photo

The Apaches in the Texas Panhandle originally came south from Canada. They lived in the Texas Panhandle until around 1700 when the Comanches pushed them south and west. After the Antelope Creek people left the Texas Panhandle, the Apaches were the primary users of Alibates flint. While the Apaches apparently did not dig for flint, there would have been a large amount of high quality flint exposed from the Antelope Creek people's quarries that they could have used.

The Apaches were nomadic, and relied on the bison as their primary source of food. Every part of the bison was used. The meat, brain, and some of the organs were eaten. Sinew was used for thread and bowstrings, and the bones were made into tools. The bladder and stomach were used for water storage. Dried dung was burned for fuel since firewood was unavailable over most of the Plains, and the hide was made into clothing. The bison were hunted on foot until the horse was introduced into the Plains when the Spaniards arrived.


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