Aleutian Servicemen

Their most deadly enemy was the weather. Trapped at the edge of the world, the pilots, sailors, and soldiers of the Aleutian Campaign went out into the treacherous Aleutian waters and skies repeatedly. Some men flew thousands of miles to take the fight to the Japanese. Find out more about these brave men, their terrifying ordeals, their earthy humor, and sometimes tragic stories. Browse their photographs and memorabilia, as well.

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  • two men sit on the bumper of a truck
    US Army & Army Air Corps Veterans

    Medics, pilots, engineers, musicians, and more. Explore dozens of interviews, profiles, and photos from the US Army.

  • Three rows of uniformed sailors in front of a submarine
    Semper Paratus
    US Coast Guard Veterans

    Dive into personal experiences of USCG veterans who served in WWII in Alaska.

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    The Home Front

    Learn more about folks supporting the war effort on the home front. Listen to interviews, browse photos, or read written memoirs.

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    US Marine Corps Veterans

    Interviews and stories from veterans of the US Marine Corps in Alaska during WWII.

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    US Navy Veterans

    Dozens of US Navy veterans recall their time serving during World War II in the Aleutian Islands. Photos, interviews, & memoirs.

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    Canadian Forces

    Explore stories from Canadian Forces service members who worked alongside Americans in the Aleutians.


Seeking Information

William Jasura - The family of Mr. Jasura is looking for information on his service during WWII in the Aleutians.

Lloyd Keyes Greenamyer - Lt. Cmdr Greenamyer lost his life in battle and was awarded the Navy Cross. His family seeks information on his life and service.



  • men standing on a crashed japanese fighter plane
    World War II in Alaska

    Discover how war came to Alaska, and use our primary and secondary resources to help your students learn to conduct independent research.

  • Plane flying over battleship with things exploding
    The Aleutian Campaign

    The Aleutian Campaign claimed thousands of lives and culminated in a particularly bloody battle.

  • Black and white photo of B25 airplane and jeep with man in it.
    Battle of Attu: 60 Years Later

    Lasting 18 days, the Battle of Attu was one of the deadliest battles of World War II, but it remains one of the least well-known.

  • Black and white photo of a town with burning buildings and billowing smoke.
    Bombing of Dutch Harbor

    Six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese aircraft struck at U.S. Army and Navy installations at Dutch Harbor on Amaknak Island.

  • Black and white photo of three planes flying over ocean and mountains
    The Invasion of Kiska

    On June 7, 1942, the Japanese invaded the Aleutian island of Kiska. At its height of occupation 6,800 Japanese personnel were on the island.

  • handwritten memoir in black script on white stationary
    Written Memoirs

    Reflecting on their experiences later in life, some of the Aleutian veterans have written about their time in the military and Alaska.





  • Black and white map of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska
    The Iron Ring

    Explore the strategic forts and outposts of the Aleutian Islands during World War II.

  • Cover of book with grass, sky, and decaying building.
    Fort Schwatka: Self-Guided Tour

    The fort was constructed in 1940 to protect the Dutch Harbor Naval Operating Base from a seaborne invasion fleet. (pdf)

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    Music, no other audio. Video displays a series of artifacts from the Aleutian Campaign: a Springfield M1903 rifle, a Bayonet Model 1905; a model 1917A1 metal helmet; anti-personnel stakes; and standard issue boots

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    Featured here are a handful of key objects found in the Aleutian World War II Museum. They are emblematic of the equipment issued to servicemen in the Aleutians Campaign.

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