RTCA - A helping hand video

RTCA - A Helping Hand For Your Community

Do you have an idea for an outdoor recreation or natural resource conservation project in your community?
If so, the National Park Service has a community assistance program that can help you turn your ideas into action. It's called the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program... or RTCA!
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Time lapse video

Time Lapse Videos

The National Park Service is using remote cameras to supplement scientific monitoring efforts.
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Permafrost slumps in 3D

Permafrost slumps in 3D

The National Park Service is monitoring the effects of melting permafrost using aerial photographs and 3D models.
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L G B T video

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

Pride. This is a story of our national parks. A story about diversity, strength, courage, love.
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Wildland fire in 40 seconds

Wildland Fire in 40 Seconds

This series of videos shows the many facets of wildland fire.
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Dall's sheep

Dall's Sheep

The short video describes the challenges and importance of monitoring Dall's sheep in Alaska.
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Glacier experts

Meet the Experts: Glaciers

Several geologists who work on glaciers in Alaska's national parks provide short introductions about what they do. An virtual event on February 8, 2012 allows participants on Facebook and Twitter to ask live questions about glaciers and the people who study them.
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Aufeis video


Aufeis produces dramatic frozen formations on rivers during winter. Aufeis is formed by the overflow and freezing of water and is common in many national parks of subarctic and arctic Alaska.
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Black spruce video

Black Spruce

Black spruce are small trees found in interior Alaska. They are found in areas where permafrost is present, and grow slowly, so trees that appear small may be over 100 years old.
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Ice wedge video

Ice Wedges

Ice wedges can resemble a giant quilt when seen from the air and form only where permafrost is found. Ice wedges are found in national parks of the Alaskan arctic and subarctic.
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Pingos video


Pingos are hills that rise abruptly out of flat landscapes of the Alaskan arctic. When lakes dry up, the unfrozen ground that was once protected beneath the lake is exposed and freezes. The ice expands upward, and ping! The result is a pingo.
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Experience Alaska's glaciers video

Experience Alaska: Glaciers

Whether seen from the water at Glacier Bay, from the air, or up-close as you hike across a field of ice, your first sight of Alaska's glaciers is transformative. You'll find more glaciers in the Alaskan national parks than anywhere else, which keeps these ancient monuments of ice accessible to all, including scientists who are closely studying the role of glaciers in our changing climate.
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Last Updated: May 2, 2014