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National Park Service photos are in the public domain. If you use one of our pictures please be sure to credit the photographer and the National Park Service.

Picture Yourself in Alaska’s National Parks

User submitted park photo gallery

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Nature & Science

Nature and science photo galleries

Navigate through the Nature and Science pictures to learn more about natural resources in Alaska parks.
Includes: Wildlife, Glaciers, Landscapes, Volcanoes, Permafrost

Shared Beringia Heritage Program

Beringian heritage program photo galleries

The fragile beauty of arctic ecosystems and richness of the cultural and subsistence traditions of the arctic's native people attract many photographers and filmmakers.

Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assitance Program

Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assitance Program Photo Galleries

The Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program RTCA) is a community assistance branch of the National Park Service. RTCA supports community-led natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation projects.Check out photos from our past projects!

Wildland Fire

Wildland fire photo galleries

Fire staff practice the art and science of fire management in order to protect and preserve park values.


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