Integrated Resource Management Application

screen shot of IRMA homepage
The Integrated Resource Management Application is currently being expanded, updated, and improved.


The Integrated Resource Management Application is a one-stop shop for documents, data, and files.

IRMA, formerly known as NRInfo or Natural Resources Information Portal, is the beginning of a one-stop online shop for information on park natural and cultural resources including reports, GIS datasets, and species lists. It is currently in development and, when complete, will serve as both a repository and resource for park staff. This NPS-wide effort is being led in Alaska by a team effort involving the I&M, GIS, and NR teams at the regional office, park staff, and in collaboration with the Alaska Resource Library Information System. IRMA is accessible from any government computer by typing in NRINFO into your web browser. Once complete, a large portion of it will be available through a public website.

Last Updated: September 19, 2013