Science and Management

Person underwater in scuba gear
Underwater monitoring of marine resources in Glacier Bay National Park
  • Park service staff employee standing on a boat using a large camera

    NPS natural resources staff monitor birds in Glacier Bay National Park

  • Three people sitting and inspecting vegetation

    Vegetation monitoring is conducted in all Alaska parks

  • Person underwater in scuba gear

    Underwater monitoring of marine resources in Glacier Bay National Park

  • Golden eagle gliding with massive wings

    Alaska has the largest population of nesting golden eagles in North America.

In 1999, Congress challenged the Natural Park Service to improve understanding of park natural resources and strengthen the scientific foundation of resource preservation in national parks. As a result, science in Alaska national parks now has an integrated approach to understand, protect and anitcipate changes to park natural resources through long-term monitoring, adaptive management and planning.

Current Natural Resources Projects

A variety of ongoing monitoring and research efforts are currently underway in all Alaska parks by both NPS natural resource staff and research partners. Current projects cover a wide spectrum of science-based topics from glacial melt to fossil exploration to sea otter monitoring.

Wildlife Management

Although not always apparent to visitors, wildlife management activities occur in nearly every unit of the National Park System. The Wildlife Management Program is available to provide scientific input to parks on wildlife management plans and to provide service-wide policy guidance on appropriate management activities.

Long-term Monitoring

The Inventory and Monitoring Program develops scientifically sound information on the current condition and long-term trends in park ecosystems and to determine how well current management practices are sustaining those ecosystems.

Conducting Research in Alaska's National Parks

Information on existing and past research efforts by the National Park Service and partners as well as information on permitting and support for conducting research within national parks can be found here.


Science & Management Information

  • Alaska Park Science Journal

    Alaska Park Science is a semi-annual journal that shares what we are learning in Alaska's national parks through the study of their vital cultural and natural resources.

  • Murie Science and Learning Center

    The Murie Science and Learning Center combines science, education, and partnerships to protect areas of national significance and serves eight national parks in Alaska.

  • Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center

    The Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center is dedicated to understanding and preserving the marine ecosystem connecting Alaska's National Parks through research and education.

  • Alaska Public Lands Information Center

    The Alaska Centers are a system of information and education centers that help provide visitors and residents with meaningful, safe, enjoyable experiences on public lands and encourage them to sustain the natural and cultural resources of Alaska.

Last Updated: April 9, 2014