Nature & Science Photo Galleries

Alaska's nature can be vast, wild, harsh, beautiful, and inspiring. Take a photo tour to see just a few of the living things and places that make Alaska special. See people at work trying to better understand the nature of Alaska.

Permaforst Land Features (7 Images)

See some of the interesting and strange formations associated with permafrost inthe frozen arctic landscape of Alaska.

Permafrost Land Features Photo Gallery

Volcanoes (11 Images)

Explore some of the many volcanoes in Alaska's national parks, including Novarupta which erupted 100 years ago on June 6, 1912.

Volcanoes Photo Gallery

Landscapes and Environment (12 Images)

Fly through some of the landscapes of Alaska's national parks. See mountains, glaciers, meadows, lakes, and ocean.

Landscapes and Environment Photo Gallery

Alaska Wildlife (13 Images)

Alaska is a wonderful place for viewing wildlife. An abundance of mammals, birds, fish, wildflowers, and trees make any outing an exciting one.

Alaska Wildlife Photo Gallery

Glaciers in Alaska (6 Images)

Glaciers shape the land and influence ecosystems in Alaska. One quarter of Alaska's glaciers are within the boundaries of national parks.

Glaciers Photo Gallery

Last Updated: September 19, 2013