Wildland Fire Photo Galleries

Peruse the fire management photos. The images in each photo gallery may be viewed as a slide show. Some of the images are downloadable as high resolution JPG files. National Park Service photos are in the public domain. If you use one of our pictures, be sure to credit the photographer and the National Park Service.

Faces of Fire (28 Images)

Fire staff practice the art and science of fire management in order to protect and preserve park values.

Faces of Fire Photo Gallery

Wildfires (19 Images)

Wildfire in Alaska is an essential, natural process.

Wildfires Photo Gallery

After Wildfires (9 Images)

Science tells the story: After wildfires spring wildflowers.

After Wildfires Photo Gallery

Firewise (17 Images)

Fire staff work and live compatibly with fire. They reduce the fire risk around structures by thinning vegetation before a fire starts. You can be Firewise too!

Firewise Photo Gallery

Science, Ecology, Research (10 Images)

Fire managers base decisions on sound science.

Science, Ecology, Research Photo Gallery

Communication, Education (13 Images)

Telling the wildland fire story...

Communication, Education Photo Gallery

Aviation (17 Images)

Helicopters for the Alaska Fire Management
Program are equal to the vehicle in the Lower 48.

Aviation Photo Gallery

Last Updated: June 16, 2014