"State of Change" - Climate Change in AK's National Parks

State of Change cover - Climate Change in AK's National Parks

Stories of Changes from Alaska's National Park Areas

An Inuit proverb tells us, "We borrow the earth from our children." That's a challenging legacy for a state in the midst of change. This guide is part of an on-going conversation with people who visit and work around our national parks. It will help illustrate what we're doing about changing climate. You will find facts about the science, visible evidence you can see, examples of how parks are making a difference, and things you can do to make a difference too. We hope you'll join this dialogue and help us better understand and take action to preserve these parks that we've borrowed from our children.

An electronic version of this guide is also available now from the iBook store. Here is a link: State of Change iBook Visitor Guide

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Here's a link to the PDF version of this Climate Change Visitor Guide:

  • State-of-Change Visitor Guide
  • State-of-Change (Annotated Version)

  • General inquiries and feedback about this visitor guide may be emailed to AKR State of Change Team.

    Core Team who developed this guide:
    Nancy Fresco, Scenario Network for Alaska Planning, SNAP-UAF
    Lena Krutikov, Scenario Network for Alaska Planning, SNAP-UAF
    Kristin Timm, Scenario Network for Alaska Planning, SNAP-UAF
    Robert Winfree, Regional Science Advisor, AK Regional Office, NPS
    Bud Rice, Environmental Protection Specialist, AK Regional Office, NPS
    John Morris, Interpretive Program Manager, AK Regional Office, NPS
    Jenna Giddens, Supv. Park Ranger, Kenai Fjords National Park

    Last Updated: December 31, 2014