Northwest Coast Scenarios Workshop - April 19-21, 2011

Kivilina, Alaska - on the Arctic coast.

Kivalina, Alaska - on and in the Arctic coast.

Climate Change Scenario Planning is a communication and management tool to help prepare Alaska park managers and stakeholders for impending changes in their parks and help them make informed decisions with the least regrets for future outcomes. Scenario Planning is not an end product in itself, but rather, part of a holistic process to inform our thinking and communication. This was the third of six workshops and resulted in a summary report which was prepared for all the workshops. A range of other communication and education products have also been developed.



Map comparing temperatures of January 1980 and projected temperatures of January 2099
Changes in winter temperatures from SNAP.


Pre-workshop Webinars

A series of three pre-workshop webinars provided the basis upon which this workshop was built. A brief description of each follows: Pre-workshop Webinar #1, March 30th, 2011 - Title: Overview of scenario planning process; Webinar #2 - April 6th, 2011 - Title: Climate Drivers and Climate Impacts for NW Coastal Alaska Parks; Webinar #3 - April 13th, 2011 - Title: Climate Effects and Consequences for NW Coastal Alaska Parks.

The Workshop - Exploring Climate Change and its Implications for NW Alaska Coastal Parks

Scenarios can be used as reference for parks working to identify plausible desired future conditions for General Management Plans, Resource Stewardship Plans and the like. Some resources are likely to change regardless of what we do. The no-regrets management actions and research needs that we've identified can also be used for updating short- and longer-term work plans and proposals for parks and cooperating groups. Presentation materials from the workshop are available below.

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