Iyat/Serpentine Hot Springs Master Plan

This is a slide show of images from the Serpentine Hot Springs area.

Welcome to Serpentine Hot Springs.

The National Park Service is developing a master plan for the Iyat/Serpentine Hot Springs area of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. This plan will provide direction for managing the hot springs area and what actions the preserve should take regarding access and facilities there. For more information on the planning process and the issues being addressed in the plan, please see the newsletter.

As part of the planning process, the preserve hosted public meetings in May 2012 to consult with the public and get feedback on which potential actions are most desirable to local communities. We received useful feedback at these meetings that helped us develop reasonable alternatives for the master plan. In addition to the newsletter, the video below demonstrates the differences among the alternatives.

In-Person Public Meetings

In early November, the park will host meetings with the public to hear your ideas, concerns, and thoughts about the alternative concepts. Open houses will be held in Nome and Shishmaref, Alaska. Dates and times of meetings will be announced in late October. In addition to the traditional public meetings that have been conducted, we will also be doing a virtual public meeting using Facebook.

Virtual Public Meeting

In addition to the traditional in-person public meetings, the NPS will also be conducting a virtual public meeting using social media tools the week of November 26-30th. This is not a replacement for the in-person meetings, but a supplemental way for the park to reach out to people who may not be easily contacted through traditional outreach methods. Bering Land Bridge's superintendent, Jeannette Pomrenke, members of the planning team, and other NPS staff will be available to answer questions via Facebook regarding the planning process, the preserve's goals and current management, and other topics of interest to the public. Visit the Alaska NPS Facebook page or the Serpentine Hot Springs chat event page for more details and to participate in the week long conversation.

How to Get Involved

Your ideas and concerns on the preliminary alternative concepts for managing the park are welcomed and encouraged. Comments can be sent by mail or submitted electronically (email address listed below). Please consider the questions listed on the comment form in addition to any other thoughts and ideas. Receiving your input before November 30 will allow us to learn from you before we continue to refine the master plan.

Share your comments electronically:

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Last Updated: January 16, 2014