Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)

New Application Period---November 1st through April 30th

Section 418 of the National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998, Public Law 105-391 (Section 418), authorizes the National Park Service (NPS) to issue commercial use authorizations (CUAs) to persons (referring to individuals, corporations, and other entities) to provide commercial services to park area visitors in limited circumstances. CUAs provide a means to authorize suitable commercial services to visitors in park areas. The CUA is used to provide for incidental use of park area resources by operators who provide commercial services originating and terminating outside of the park area (Out-of-Park-Services). The term of a CUA may not exceed 2 years and no preferential right of renewal or similar provisions for renewal may be provided.

Attention: The National Park Service, Alaska Region has established a specific time period for submitting applications for Commercial Use Authorizations:
NEW Application Period----November 1st through April 30th (See NPS Memo for details)
A fully completed application packet including insurance, fee payment and other required documentation must be received or postmarked by the April 30th deadline.
You may apply for either a one- or two-year CUA for all park units with the exception of Denali and Kenai Fjords.
a) CUA’s for Denali can only be issued for one year at a time, regardless of the type of service.
b) CUA’s for Mountaineering Guide service in Kenai Fjords can only be issued for one-year at a
time; all others for Kenai Fjords can be either a one or two-year CUA.

Important--Applications received or postmarked after April 30th and will not be accepted. Rare exceptions may be made if there are extenuating circumstances involved or if the application is to provide an approved service not currently offered by other commercial operators.  Any request for a waiver based upon extenuating circumstances must be submitted in writing and approved by the park Superintendent(s). Note: Denali Winter Road-based Vehicle Tours & Denali Dog Sled Freight CUAs are exempt from the application timeline and will be accepted year-round.


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Last Updated: March 1, 2017