Nike Site Summit

the Missile Launch and Storage Buildings
The Missile Launch and Storage Buildings. (NPS Photo)

Nike Site Summit Historic District

Nike Site Summit Historic District is a nationally significant Cold War site located on the eastern edge of Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson (JBER), adjacent to Chugach State Park. From 1959 to 1979 Nike Site Summit stood guard of Fort Richardson, Elmendorf Air Force Base, and Anchorage, as a last line of defense against nuclear armed Soviet bombers. Nuclear armed Nike Hercules anti-aircraft missiles stood ready to launch at a moments notice to destroy formations of approaching Soviet bombers.

In partnership with JBER, the Alaska State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), Friends of Nike Site Summit (FONSS), and the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation (AAHP), the National Park Service (NPS) is working to preserve this site. The public-private partnership allows for guided public tours of the site, which is located in an active military training area. FONSS, with support from JBER, NPS, SHPO, and AAHP began work in 2010 to stabilize and restore parts of the site.

JBER is the property owner and is also working to stabilize buildings at the site, clean-up and improve site safety, and secure the site from trespassors. Over the summer of 2011 JBER is replacing and repairing fencing at the site, posting "no trespassing" signs, increasing patrols, and taking other measures to help prevent vandalism of the site. FONSS is working to stabilize the Launch Control Building and complete restoration of the three Sentry Stations over the summer of 2011. FONSS is planning to begin guided public tours in summer 2012 or 2013.

Last Updated: October 18, 2011