Alaska's National Historic Landmarks

Fort William H. Seward National Historic Landmark, Haines
Fort William H. Seward National Historic Landmark, Haines. (NPS Photo)


Alaska’s nationally designated landmarks span the state from Kake, in Southeast Alaska, to Barrow on the Arctic Coast, and from Eagle on the Canadian border, to Attu at the end of the Aleutian chain. We have 15 prehistoric landmarks, or archaeological sites that date back to pre-European times, and 34 historic landmarks, places that illustrate the state’s past since Europeans arrived. Together, our landmarks tell the story of roughly 11,000 years of Alaska history.

National Historic Landmarks in Alaska

(August 8, 2011)

Adak Army and Naval Operations Base, Adak Island, Aleutians

Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall, Sitka

Amalik Bay, Katmai Coast

American Flag Raising Site (Castle Hill), Sitka

Anangula Site, Anuniuliak Island, Aleutians

Attu Battlefield and Bases, Attu Island, Aleutians

Bering Expedition Landing Site, Kayak Island

Birnirk Site, North Slope Borough (near Barrow)

Brooks River Archeological District, Katmai National Park and Preserve

Cape Krusentstern Archeological District, northwestern Alaska

Cape Nome/Anvil Creek Mining Sites, Nome

Chaluka Site, Umnak Island, Aleutians

Chilkoot Trail and Dyea, Skagway

Church of the Holy Ascension, Unalaska, Aleutians

Dry Creek Site, Lignite (north of Cantwell)

Dutch Harbor Naval Base/Fort Mears, Unalaska Island, Aleutians

Eagle Historic District, Eagle

Fort Durham Site, Juneau Borough

Fort Glenn, Umnak Island, Aleutians

Fort William H. Seward, Haines

Gallagher Flint Station, Sagwon (North Slope Borough)

Holy Assumption Orthodox Church, Kenai

Ipiutak Site, Point Hope

Iyatayet Site, Shaktoolik

Japanese Occupation Site, Kiska Island, Aleutians

Kake Cannery, Kake

Kennicott Mines, near McCarthy, Wrangell-St. ELias National Park and Preserve

Kijik Archeological District, Lake Clark National Park

Kodiak Naval Operating Base/Forts Greely and Abercrombie, Kodiak Island

Ladd Field, Fort Wainwright, Fairbanks

Leffingwell Camp Site, Flaxman Island (North Slope Borough)

Nenana (River Steamboat), Fairbanks

New Russia Site, Yakutat vicinity

Old Sitka Site, Sitka

Onion Portage Archeological District, Kobuk River

Palugvik Site, Hawkins Island, Prince William Sound

Russian-American Company - Building 29, Sitka

Russian-Amercan Magazine (Erskine House), Kodiak

Russian Bishops House, Sitka

Seal Island Historic District, St. Paul and St. George Islands

Sheldon Jackson College, Sitka

Sitka Naval Operating Base/U.S. Army Coastal Defenses, Sitka

Sitka Spruce Plantation, Amaknak Island, Aleutians

Skagway Historic District and White Pass, Alaska and Canada

St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka

Thomas (George C.) Memorial Library, Fairbanks

Three Saints Bay Site, Kodiak Island

Wales Sites, Wales

Yukon Island Sites, Kachemak Bay (near Homer)

Last Updated: August 19, 2015