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Project Selection

Beringia Project Panel The five member Beringia Project Panel from left to right sitting: Erica Nelson and Ken Adkisson; standing: Bob Winfree and Guy Martin; Deano Olemaun not pictured (NPS photo by Katerina Wessels).
Projects are selected through a competitive process. A nationwide announcement is conducted yearly requesting proposals including posting on grants.gov. Projects are subsequently selected through a 3-step competitive process.

1. Review by National Park Service subject-matter experts and comments compiled.
2. Ranking by the Beringia external stakeholder panel
3. Final selection by the NPS.

The Beringia panel was established in 1995. It consists of one member each from the Arctic Slope and NANA Regional Corporations, and the Bering Strait Native Corporation; an NPS science advisor, and NPS staff from the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. As such, it is fully compliant with Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Projects must be of mutual interest and benefit to the cooperator and the NPS, and must include substantial involvement by both parties.

Last Updated: May 6, 2015