Banner photo: Chukotka Native hunters scanning the wide expanse of Bering Strait
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Projects & Research

Russian paleontologist Andrei Sher looking for mammoth bones with during a Yukon field trip Russian paleontologist Andrei Sher participated in a Yukon field trip during the International Mammoth Conference in 2003 (NPS photo by Jeff Rasic).

Since 1991, the Shared Beringian Heritage Program has funded more than 130 projects, with 12-20 active projects every year. They range from 1 - 3 years in duration and are selected through a competitive process. These scientific or cultural projects have tremendous variety. Recent projects have included work on marine mammals, sea ice patterns, reindeer herding, archaeology, and documentation of local traditions, language, and culture. Increasingly with the rapid changes occurring in the region, projects are directly or indirectly related to climate change. This includes research to gather critical species and habitat information, documentation of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), and establishment of citizen-based science in the U.S. and Russia.

Open or download the new Program brochure for an overview of sample projects in different categories and proposal processes or see Spanning the Bering Strait: 20 years of collaborative research brochure for a sampling of projects funded in earlier years. Go to menu item "Find a Project" for a comprehensive list of projects or to find individual projects.

Whether you want to apply for project funding, see what projects are currently active, or find specific information on an individual project or category of projects, we hope you will find it here. Our intent is to make project information easy to access. Please let us know about ways the projects aspect of the Shared Beringian Heritage Program (including this website), can be improved.

Last Updated: February 6, 2014