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A critical goal of the Beringia Program is to give back to the communities, groups, and individuals it serves by making information on all projects available and by providing direct links to project results wherever possible. For over 20 years the program has been funding projects that are of scientific, cultural, international, and local significance, and the goal of this section is to facilitate access to the tangible project results. Here you can find updated and accessible information about our current and past projects. The Beringia Program strives to have a substantial amount of involvement in helping these partnerships succeed, and program staff actively seeks opportunities for collaboration with all project partners.

In order to make searching easier, projects are listed by topic or subject area, as well as by the year they were funded. Some of the project information prior to 2007 is incomplete, but we are actively working on finding and adding to the existing materials. Many of the projects have links to downloadable deliverables like annual progress and final reports, published articles, presentations, and media collections. If it is noted that specific materials are not available electronically, please contact the Beringia Program office and we will arrange access for you through other means. Thank you for visiting, and please provide any feedback or suggestions you have, and send us your questions!

Project List by Topic Categories

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Last Updated: October 1, 2015