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Kids & Teachers

Watching birds on the tundra Students from the "Expedition Anadyr'" project watching birds on the tundra near Anadyr'(NPS photo by West High School "Expedition Anadyr'").

Thanks for visiting this section of our website! We have tons of interesting and exciting material about Beringia here, and you can find information on a wide variety of subjects. Whether you are interested in animals, glaciers, history, geography, plants, native dancing, or sports; this is the place to learn. In this section you will find information, teaching materials, maps, videos and other interesting things related to Beringia. You can also find fun and interesting information about the Shared Beringian Heritage Program; you can learn about what the program does and how you can get involved.

This section is designed to provide teachers and students with materials about the history and environment in Beringia on both sides of the Bering Strait. Here you can find past and current facts, figures, and explanations of cultural and scientific research in Beringia. There is also material about current issues facing the region in areas like climate change, subsistence hunting, Native culture, and relations with Russia. It is also a place where you can learn about projects that the Shared Beringian Heritage Program has sponsored involving youth. There are several youth-centered projects featured here, and you are encouraged to view their progress, results, and activities.

You are encouraged to take a look at some of them, projects like the "Lost Dances" involving kids from Kotzebue; the Nome Community Center Youth Exchange; the West High School "Expedition Anadyr"; and GoNorth!'s "What's Climate Change to You" project. The Beringia Program plans to sponsor several more projects like these, on subjects like climate change, archeology, subsistence hunting, and native singing and dancing. Youth involvement and education remain important goals of the National Park Service and the Shared Beringian Heritage Program. The program is committed to broadening outreach and expanding the "Kids and Teachers" part of the website. You don't have to be from Alaska to get involved, so please check out our section on the 2011 Youth Forum project ideas and contact staff to get more information.

Hopefully this section will get you more interested in Beringia, answer your questions, or maybe even inspire you to get involved! The Beringia Program staff members are always available if you have any questions, have suggestions, or need more information. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

Last Updated: December 9, 2011