October, 2015 Beringia: What's Climate Change to You?
October, 2015 The Ice Bridge: Stories from Beringia

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October, 2015 Bering Strait Messenger Network
October, 2015 Edible Plants

Edible Plants Used by Siberian Yupik Eskimos

of Southeastern Chukchi Peninsula, Russia

book by Lyudmila Ainana & Igor Zagrebin

October, 2015 Indigenous Language Learning & Documentation

Indigenous Language Learning & Documentation Project

St. Lawrence Island Yupik & Iñupiaq Language and Culture Video Lessons available

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Beringia: What's Climate Change to You?

Young woman painting a wall muralOctober 2015

Beringia: What's Climate Change to You? set out to be an ethnographic science experience anchored in adventure learning. Building on our Pan-American What Is Climate Change to You?,this project was to establish a local framework for young people in Chukotka communities to document, express and share their place seen through their eyes: doing science and exploring change around the circumpolar arctic - in particular as it relates to shifts in climate.

Since the launch in 2011 the project has traveled in Chukotka six times, for youth in 16 communities on the coast line - from Inchoun in the north to Anadyr in the south - to take part in the project. Over the three years of the project, the youth-generated content from work-shops and community events has been shared with a wide audience in the general public, locally in communities and internationally through exhibits as well as used by millions of learners, as it was broadcast to more than 4,500 schools across the 5 U.S. states and on continents through the GoNorth! programming at PolarHusky.com.

The following narrative will outline the milestones of the project over the 3-year period, while a series of Youth at Work pictures also illustrate the span of youth involvement with the project each year. MORE...

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The Shared Beringian Heritage Program recognizes and celebrates the natural resources and cultural heritage shared by Russia and the United States on both sides of the Bering Strait. The program works to improve local, national, and international understanding of these resources and sustain the cultural vitality of Native peoples in the region. If you want to learn more about the program click here.

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