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History & Culture

Decorative panel made by a student of the Chukotka Multi-discipline College Students at the Chukotka Multi-discipline College in Anadyr' learn how to make traditional crafts from leather and fur (NPS photo by Katerina Wessels).

Beringia is renowned for its rich history and diverse culture. The human history of Beringia started when people first moved across the land bridge in pursuit of land mammals and edible plants. These people became the first Americans who later moved south from Alaska and populated the continents now known as North and South America. However, some of these people also settled in Alaska and became the ancestors of modern Eskimo, Aleut, and Athabascans.

According to scientists, several theories exist about how prehistoric tribes moved across the land bridge and into the Americas. Was it though a corridor in the enormous ice shields that covered most of North America at that time? Or was it along the coast in boats? What is certain is that scientific debate continues, discoveries are continually being made, and much still remains to be learned and explained.

Last Updated: November 27, 2013