Banner photo: Close up shot of a white and pink flowered Labrador tea (Ledum decumbens) that grows on the tundra
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Press Room

A member of the press standing at the shore with a camera Press representative at the Beringia whaleboat regatta in Lorino, Chukotka, 2006 (NPS photo by Konstantin Savva).

General program information

  • Program overview [.pdf]

  • Summary description of the different types of Beringia Projects [.pdf]

  • English/Russian Glossary of terms, specific for Beringia region[.pdf]

International protected area

  • Presidents' Obama and Medvedev joint statement on cooperation in the Bering Strait region (May 2011) [.pdf]

  • US Secretary of State Clinton and Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov joint statement on intent in Beringia region(September 2012) [.pdf]

  • Possible frameworks for an international protected area in Beringia [.pdf]

  • Map of US-Russian contributions to the proposed international protected area in Beringia [.pdf]

Project information

  • Currently active Beringia projects (list) [.pdf]

  • Complete list of funded projects 1991–2015 [Excel table]

  • Spanning the Bering Strait: complete list and select descriptions of the projects from 1991-2011 [.pdf]

Last Updated: November 3, 2015