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Living with Old Things: Inupiat Stories, Bering Strait Histories

Project participants looking at the Inupiaq artifacts (NPS photo by Amber Lincoln)

New publication: Living with Old Things: Inupiaq Stories, Bering Strait Histories, written by Amber Lincoln with John Goodwin, Pearl Goodwin, Faye Ongtowasruk, Ron Senungetuk, and Barbara Weyiouanna. Available in English or Russian. This is the final report for the project: Inupiaq Artifacts, Bering Strait History - Sharing Knowledge Between Inupiaq Communities, the British Museum and the Provideniya Museum. In this project, Inupiaq heritage advisors reviewed and provided knowledge of the items collected during the 1826-7 voyage of the HMS Blossom and subsequently stored in three British Museums. This collection is one of the largest and oldest Inupiaq ethnographic collections in the world.

Last Updated: February 7, 2013