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Bilateral Walrus Monitoring

Native men pulling harvested walrus alongside their boat Subsistence walrus harvest in Chukotka (NPS photo by Konstantin Savva).
April 11, 2013
The Eskimo Walrus Commission has handed in their final report from the 2007 Bilateral Walrus Monitoring Project! The intent of the project was to continue subsistence use of walrus and to reestablish cultural connections between Chukotka and Alaska. It focused primarily on the development of community-based harvest monitoring, gathering of representatives of both cultures to discuss the difficulties of monitoring, especially self-regulation and management issues. All in all, the project is expected to have benefited walrus conservation, education, and the continued relationship between walrus dependent communities in Alaska and Chukotka. For a more detailed account on the project's results and outcomes please visit our Current Projects section.

Last Updated: April 11, 2013