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Reindeer Bridge of Beringia

Sami-Americans wearing traditional Sami clothing Sami-Americans wearing traditional Sami clothing (gakti) at the Kautokeino reunion in Norway in 2008.
April 1, 2013
"At the turn of the last century a dramatic story unfolded in western Alaska. The heroes of the story were reindeer and reindeer herders. Together they survived storms at sea, starvation on mountain passes, and thousand-mile trips by sled through blizzards. Along the way they encountered gold miners, missionaries and businessmen. Some of the herders joined the gold rush and got rich, and some of the reindeer teamed up with Santa Claus and became famous. None of this would have taken place without the Sami." Are you intrigued yet? This introduces the catalog called "The Sami Reindeer People of Alaska", the final deliverable produced by Faith Fjeld and Nathan Muus from the 2007 project the Reindeer Bridge of Beringia. To learn more about the legendary Sami people and their reindeer legacy click here!

Last Updated: April 1, 2013