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New Project Funding for 2010

Spring 2010

This year the Shared Beringian Heritage Program call for proposals resulted in 15 outstanding research and project proposals. The Beringia Project Panel met in January and tackled the difficult task of paring down the list. In the end, they recommended eight new projects for funding. Fiscal year 2010 project funding was awarded for:  

  • Indigenous Knowledge and Use of Bering Strait Region Ocean Currents
  • Bowhead Coastal Observation Project – Chukotka
  • Beringia: What's Climate Change to You?
  • Climate Change: a View Through the Prism of Steller's Sea Cow Extinction
  • Telling Our Stories: Vodcasts of the Sugpiaq Collections of the Kunstkamera and the Cape Alitak Petroglyph Survey
  • Indigenous Language Learning and Documentation in the Bering Strait
  • Creating a Modern Map of Submerged Beringia - The Bridge that Endures Time
  • Exchange Between Artists of Alaska and Chukotka

Peter Richter retired in October 2009. He managed the cooperative research/project funding for years and leaves a large hole in our organization. We are fortunate to have Rebecca Talbott, on detail from the U.S. Forest Service, on our staff, to manage project funding and coordinate with project managers. For questions about projects funded by the Shared Beringian Heritage program, please contact her.

To learn more about new, continuing, and past projects funded by the Shared Beringian Heritage Program, click here.


Last Updated: October 14, 2010