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Ocean Currents Project Presentation
February 5, 2015
Julie Raymond-Yakoubian of Kawerak, Inc. and Tahzay Jones of the NPS presented "Ocean Currents: Memorializing and Applying Traditional Knowledge" project at the Alaska Forum on the Environment on February 9, 2015. More »


Beringia Days 2013 in Anadyr, Chukotka
September 23, 2013
This year Beringia Days will be held in Anadyr', Chukotka, Russia on September 27-28. More »

Sugpiaq Vodcasts
September 17, 2013
Funding was added to an already outstanding project in 2012 to create 12 video podcasts that accompany the Sugpiaq Collections of the Kunstkamera. More »

Steller's Sea Cow
September 17, 2013
The Steller's sea cow was discovered in 1741, but the species was not around for much longer than that. More »

Beringia Funding Announcement
August 21, 2013
Due to budget cuts and the funding of continuing projects, the Shared Beringian Heritage Program will not be issuing a "Call for Proposals" this summer as previously announced. More »

Bilateral Walrus Monitoring
April 11, 2013
The Eskimo Walrus Commission has handed in their final report from the 2007 Bilateral Walrus Monitoring Project! More »

Downloadable 2011 Beringia Days Proceedings
April 8, 2013
The 2011 Beringia Days Conference Proceedings will only be available in an electronic version. The Proceedings contain a detailed account of the information presented during the conference. More »

Reindeer Bridge of Beringia
April 1, 2013
"At the turn of the last century a dramatic story unfolded in western Alaska. The heroes of the story were reindeer and reindeer herders... More »

Exchanges Unites Land Managers in Beringia
January 24, 2013
This past September, three groups of land managers and researchers working in protected areas across the Russian Federation visited Alaska parks, refuges, and the National Park Service Regional Office. More »

Beringia Project Panel Member Changes
January 22, 2013
This past October, the Shared Beringian Heritage Program (Beringia Program) welcomed Erica Nelson, President of Aqqaluk Trust, as the newest member of the Beringia Project Panel. At the same time, we said good-bye and thank you to Leland Barger, Sr., who retired from NANA this past spring. More »

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Four New Projects Funded in 2013
November 8, 2012
In 2013, four new projects will be funded by the National Park Service's Shared Beringian Heritage Program. More »

Creation of a "Transboundary Area of Shared Beringian Heritage"
August 28, 2012
The National Park Service is currently soliciting feedback, answering questions, and gathering support from the people of Beringia. It is anticipated that the United States and Russia will soon formalize an agreement concerning the establishment of a transboundary protected area intended to reinforce peaceful and long-standing ties in the region of the Bering Strait. More »

The 2013 Call For Proposals
April 13, 2012
The Shared Beringian Heritage Program (SBHP) at the National Park Service is pleased to announce our 2013 "Call for Proposals." More »

SIKU – Sea Ice Knowledge and Use
April 6, 2012
In March, the Shared Beringian Heritage Program received a progress report documenting the recent activities on the project: SIKU – The Ice We Want Our Children to Know. This 2009 project focused on the documentation of indigenous ecological knowledge in Alaska and Russian Chukotka. More »

Bones on the Beach May Help Solve an Extinction Mystery
March 2, 2012
The Steller's sea cow, the last giant Beringian marine mammal, was first discovered in 1741 by Georg Steller, naturalist on Vitus Bering expedition. More »

Observing Bowhead Whales of the Chukotka Coast
February 15, 2012
The Bowhead Whale Coastal Observation Project studies the distribution and abundance of the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Sea bowhead whale population and documents marine mammal sightings off the coast of Chukotka. More »

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Young Leaders in Beringia Develop Future Project Ideas
November 23, 2011
At the 2011 inaugural Youth Forum held in Nome, Alaska on September 9th and 10, a group of young people from around the Beringia region gathered as part of a special summit sponsored by the National Park Service's Shared Beringian Heritage Program. More »

Three New Project Funded in 2012
November 22, 2011
The Beringia Panel met on October 9th and 10th at the National Park Service's regional headquarters in Anchorage to review and agree on their 2012 funding allotments. Following the 2012 "Call for Proposals" and an internal review by experts at the National Park Service, 19 proposals were considered by the Panel at their meeting. More »

The 2011 David M. Hopkins Beringia Award Goes to Johnson and Zdor
October 13, 2011
Charles Johnson of Nome, Alaska, and Eduard Zdor of Anadyr', Chukotka, became the recipients of David M. Hopkins Berigia Award at the 2011 Beringia Days Conference in Nome. More »

Youth Forum at the 2011 Beringia Days
September 27, 2011
Youth Forum brought together young leaders from villages in the Beringia region, high school students from Anchorage, local students from the Nome community and several youth from Chukotka. More »

Berigia Days 2011 Provides Forum for International Cooperation
September 23, 2011
The 2011 Beringia Days Conference brought together 250 Russian and American Native peoples, scholars, researchers, students, representatives of government and non-governmental organizations and the interested public to celebrate the shared heritage and resources of the Beringia Region. The conference also provided a forum for information sharing about projects funded through the National Park Service's Shared Beringian Heritage Program. This year the conference was attended by an unprecedented number of people from the Beringia region in both Alaska and Chukotka. More »

Anchorage High School students visit Anadyr' on Beringia Project
July 5, 2011
The Alaska/Chukotka Climate Change Examination project has been one of the most successful youth projects funded by the Shared Beringian Heritage Program through a cooperative agreement with Anchorage School District. More »

Exchange of Ideas across the Strait: Leadership Program Brings Russian Managers to Alaska
May 24, 2011
As part of the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program four managers from the Chukotka and Khabarovsk regions visited Alaska in early May to exchange information and ideas on protected area management. While in the U.S. they also toured parks in Washington State and met with government officials in Washington, DC. More »

Request For Proposals
April 8, 2011
The National Park Service's Shared Beringian Heritage Program (Beringia Program) is pleased to announce the 2012 Request For Proposals. More »

Beringia Days to be held in Nome, September 9 and 10, 2011
March 21, 2011
The Shared Beringia Heritage Program is pleased to announce that Beringia Days 2011 will be held September 9 and 10 in Nome, Alaska. More »

English Translation of The Earliest Stages of Settlement by People of Northeast Asia by Yu. Mochanov
February 7, 2011
The Shared Beringian Heritage Program is pleased to announce the release of the translation of The Earliest Stages of Settlement by People of Northeast Asia by Yuri A. Mochanov, a leading Russian archeologist. It was originally published in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1977. More »

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Living with Old Things: Inupiat Stories, Bering Strait Histories
December 15, 2010
This is the final report for the project: Inupiaq Artifacts, Bering Strait History - Sharing Knowledge Between Inupiaq Communities, the British Museum and the Provideniya Museum. More »

Call for translation suggestions
December 9, 2010
The Shared Beringia Heritage Program (SBHP) has run its translation publication series since 1997. More »

No Call for Proposals for 2011
September 24, 2010
The NPS will not be issuing a call for proposals for 2011. Approximately $300,000 is already committed to continuing projects in 2011. Remaining funds will be used to translate and share final reports and other deliverables, addressing a backlog of reports not currently accessible. We look forward to issuing a request for 2012. More »

Beringia Days International Conference to Be Held on the U.S. Side in 2011
September 22, 2010
The next Beringia Days International Conference, a multi-discipline open forum, will be held in the fall of 2011 in Alaska, the U.S. side of Beringia. The exact location and dates will be determined later. More »

Shared Beringian Heritage Presentation at Russian-American Pacific Partnership Meeting
September 15, 2010
Victor Knox, Deputy Regional Director in Alaska for the National Park Service spoke about the Shared Beringian Heritage Program and renewed interest by the U.S.-Russian governments on cooperation in the Beringia region at the Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) 15th Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, September 14-15, 2010. More »

Formal Recognition for Beringia?
July 2010
Natural resources rarely notice or respect political boundaries and tend to freely migrate across these borders. While conservation of habitat at the local level is important, there is growing recognition of the need to build strategies nationally and internationally to address large scale conservation challenges, such as the effects of climate change. Thus, countries sometimes agree to designate areas across their political borders to conserve natural and cultural resources. More »

Alaska Regional Director, Sue Masica meets with Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak to Discuss Potential Recognition for Beringia
June 30, 2010
Sergey Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to the U.S., met with Sue Masica, Alaska Regional Director, and Shared Beringian Heritage Program staff from the National Park Service; and State of Alaska Office of International Trade staff on June 30, 2010, to discuss renewed interest and increased cooperation in the Beringia region. More »

Russians Announce Intent to Establish National Park in Chukotka in 2011
June 18, 2010
Igor Maydanov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNRE) of the Russian Federation announced their intent to establish a national park in Chukotka in 2011. Mr. Maydanov made this announcement at the Bilateral Presidential Commission, Environment Working Group meeting in Washington DC on June 18, 2010. More »

Russian Officials and NPS Alaska Regional Director Meet
June 2010
National Park Service Alaska Regional Director Sue Masica met with Amirkhan M. Amirkhanov, Deputy Director of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, on June 8. Amirkhanov, Masica, and Shared Beringian Heritage Program staff discussed opportunities for cooperation and coordination and the possible designation of a transboundary protected area in the Bering Strait region. The Russian Federation is moving toward designation of a federal park in the Russian Far East that would serve as the Russian component of an international protected area if one were to be established. They expect to have the federal park designated in early 2011. While no decisions were made, the meeting led to a greater understanding between the two leaders on issues of mutual concern. More »

Guy Martin Receives Beringia Award
June 2010
Nome resident, Guy Martin, is the 2010 recipient of the David M. Hopkins Beringia Award. Guy's wife, Blue, accepted the award on his behalf from Jeanette Pomrenke, superintendent of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, at the Kawerak Regional Conference held in Nome in April. More »

New Project Funding for 2010
Spring 2010
This year the Shared Beringian Heritage Program request for proposals resulted in 15 outstanding research and project proposals. The Beringia Project Panel met in January and tackled the difficult task of paring down the list. In the end, they recommended eight new projects for funding. More »

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