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Beringia Days 2011 Photo Galleries

The photo galleries below contain the photo images taken during Beringia Days International Conference 2011 that took place in Nome, Alaska September 9 and 10. The images in each photo gallery may be viewed only as a slide show at this point. The thumb galleries are comming. National Park Service photos are in the public domain. If you use one of our pictures, please always credit the photographer and the National Park Service.

Janis Kozlowski, Shared Beringian Heritage Program Manager opened the 2011 Beringia Days Conference. Several dignitaries followed with welcomes and opening remarks including: Denise Michels, Mayor of Nome, Peggy O'Dell, Deputy Director for the National Park Service, Irina Ryabukhina, Chairwoman of Sports and Tourism Committee of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, and Guy Martin, Shared Beringian Heritage Program Panel Member followed with welcomes and opening remarks.
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There were 3 panel set up during the two day conference: International Cooperation in the Bering Strait Region, chaired by Sue Masica, NPS Alaska Regional Director; Native Observations of Environmental Change, chaired by Igor Krupnik of the Smithsonian Institution; and Marine Mammal Research and Strategies for International Collaboration in Beringia, chaired by Martin Robards, Alaska office of the Wildlife Conservation Society.
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Participation in the 2011 Beringia Days Conference exceeded expectations. The number of participants surpassed 250 and of these a record 33 came from Russia.
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Dance is the language of the soul and a means of communication. Two Native dance groups, one from King Island, Alaska and one from Novoe Chaplino, Chukotka entertained the audience with their dances and shared dancing skills and traditions. The audience was happy to join the dancers on many occasions.
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Networking is a very important part of Beringia Days. Old friends reunite and new friendships are made at each conference. Relatives from both sides of the strait have a chance to visit and speak their Native language. International cooperators working on Beringia projects funded by the Shared Beringian Heritage Program get an opportunity to discuss their work face to face and mastermind new projects.
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Several exciting presentations on Beringia topics were featured at the conference. For detailed titles and presenters names see the agenda.
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Facilitated Discussion
People from the audience were able to express their opinions and ideas during a facilitated discussion in response to Presidents Obama and Medvedev's May 2011 message (May 2011) on deepening cooperation in the Bering Strait Region.
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Poster Session
A poster session took place in the Pioneer Hall featured posters by American and Russian contributors and was very popular among the conference attendees.
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During a reception, moderated by Deano Olemaun, Shared Beringian Heritage Program Panel member, the National Park Service presented Charles Johnson and Edward Zdor with the David M. Hopkins Beringia Award for their outstanding achivements in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage of Beringia. The reception also featured a memorial presentation honoring the late anthropologist Herbert Anungazuk of Wales, Alaska, performance by Novoe Chaplino ensemble Solnyshko, and music by the local band Land Bridge Toll Booth.
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