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Volunteer opportunities with the Alaska EPMT.
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Volunteer with the Alaska Exotic Plant Management Team!!

Spend your summer working in an Alaskan National Park! Volunteers, either individuals or groups, are needed in Alaska's National Parks to assist biologists in identifying and removing invasive plants and in seed harvesting to restore native plant communities. For information on volunteering with the National Park Service's Alaska Exotic Plant Management Team, please email


Be on the lookout for invasive plants

Learn to identify noxious and invasive plants in your area. If you discover an infestation notify your local land manager of where and what type of species was found

Landscape with native plants

Gardeners may be tempted to use beautiful plants that are terrible pests once they escape into the wild. The Cooperative Extension Service has a listing of native plants that grow in your area in the publication - A Key to Flower Growing in Alaska.

Spread the word, not the weeds

Seeds and spores can hitchhike on muddy hiking boots, running shoes, backpacks and farm and garden equipment, boats and aircrafts.  Clean your items to avoid spreading invasive plants to new areas.

Buy certified weed-free forage and mulch. Dog mushing and guided, horseback hunts have the potential to spread invasive plant seed into remote areas via bedding and feed.